Stand Out Features of Network in a Box, Your Portable Network Device

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Stand Out Features of Network in a Box, Your Portable Network Device

As discussed in an earlier blogNetwork in a Box (NIAB) is the ideal solution for creating pop-up networks in testing & simulation, private 5G, disaster management, tactile, and network performance evaluation scenarios. A compact and portable plug-and-play solution, it contains all software and hardware elements required to deploy a network on the go. Network in a Box (NIAB) comes pre-configured with a 5G Core and Radio Access Network (RAN). It can be connected to existing infrastructure to quickly deploy a 5G network with minimal integration efforts.

There are many inherent advantages of using a Network in a Box.

Benefits of Network in a Box

  • All-in-One: comes pre-integrated with 5G Core and RAN
  • Standards-Based: compliant with 3GPP standards
  • Easy Integration: enables agile integration into existing networks
  • Portable: compact design, making it easy to carry anywhere. Ideal for pop-up networks
  • Adaptable: works everywhere, be it land, sea, or air, on the move or at one place
  • Out-of-Box: simply plug in existing infrastructure and create a 5G network in minutes
  • Interoperable: can integrate with any standards-based third-party solutions
  • Zero Infrastructure: doesn’t require any existing infrastructure
  • Cost-Effective: minimal capital, development, and maintenance cost

Amantya’s Network in a Box

Amantya’s Network in a Box is an all-in-one ready-to-deploy solution that comes pre-integrated with a fully-functional 5G Core (5G SA Core) and RAN. The compact and portable NIAB is 3GPP standards-compliant and has an entire 5G network up and running quickly. Also, it can integrate with any standards-compliant third-party solution with minimal configuration efforts. It is a robust solution with an intuitive GUI-based interface and supports multiple bands using software-defined radio. Amantya’s NIAB’s standards interface enables easy integration with commercial UEs.

Keen to know more about Amantya’s Network in a Box and how it can help your business operations? Get in touch at Our team would be happy to assist you.