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Amantya’s Capabilities

Amantya partners with global clients to address their system integration needs, including network services, initial deployments, cloud migrations, or other services like 5G lab setup. We provide reliable end-to-end system integration services across technologies.

Our team of 400+ engineers globally assist clients in next-gen technologies like 5G, ORAN, MEC, and ONAP. Our wide range of system integration services includes:

Network Services

Our network services include system integration across Radio Access Network and Core Network:


Our system integration services on Radio Access Network span from stack porting, adaptation, integration, and testing:

  • Radio L2/L3 porting on 3rd party hardware
  • Stack adaptation layers for API interworking
  • Integration testing with Devices / Core / OSS-BSS
  • Integration of 3rd Party RAN, Devices
  • L1 integration with 3rd party full stack

Our system integration services on Core Network span software customizations, adaptations, porting, and testing:

  • Software customizations
  • Interface adaptation
  • UPF Porting on 3rd party hardware
  • Integration testing with RAN / Data Networks (eg. IMS / MEC platforms)

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Other Services

Apart from network services, our system integration capabilities include other services spanning from ONAP integration for management, 5G labs set up for testing, and MEC Charging integration:

Other Services

Our ONAP integration services include:

  • Integration with ONAP to manage the 5G SA Core
  • Adaptation Layer to call ONAP APIs
  • Closed Loop Automation Implementation

Our end-to-end 5G lab setup services include:

  • Setting up 4G / 5G labs with open-source components for Core and RAN
  • Prime integrator responsible for porting of RAN stacks on open-source hardware
  • End-to-end integration between RAN, Core, and IMS systems

Our Multi-access edge computing services include:

  • Integration of the MEC subsystem to enable charging for MEC services
  • Design and implementation of charging workflows for MEC data and infrastructure charging
  • Integration of infrastructure measuring APIs with the charging subsystem

Our network slicing services include:

  • Building an Adaptation Layer to enable Slicing Management
  • Creation of an adaptation layer between the management system and the CSMF / NSMF system
  • Integration to demonstrate slicing management operations

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