5G Core-as-a-service

AWS powered subscription-based 5G Core Network

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Amantya's 5G Core-as-a-service is a flexible subscription-based solution. It provides an agile and cost-effective platform to network operators, OEMs, and enterprises looking to test their wares in a live 5G test environment and get to market faster. Enabled on AWS (Amazon Web Services) platform, the SaaS-based solution allows the usage of Amantya's cloud-native SA 5G Core on convenient time-based subscription plans.

5G CaaS Workflow

Amantya's 5G Core-as-a-service workflow is primarily categorized into two parts – the first being configuration and provisioning, while the other being actual core deployment. It follows the below workflow when deployed on AWS.

Cass Workflow


Caas Demo


Amantya's 5G Core-as-a-Service allows the user to efficiently manage the existing network or create a new network.
The interactive web interface allows the users to:

  • Drag and drop the nodes that they want to create
  • Configure each node as per their network requirement
  • Enter basic information like name, region of deployment, and description
  • Deploy the created network
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On-the-go network creation
Flexible subscription-based models
Subscriber management
Interactive web interface
Generate network reports
Scale up/down network

Use Cases

Testing & Simulation
  • Ideal for creating a simulated 5G environment
  • Test solutions from any corner of the world
  • Lab-as-a-service solution; reduces operational costs
  • Seamless integration with 3rd party RAN vendors
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Private 5G Network
  • Leverage all functionalities of a 5G Core at a minimal cost
  • Low latency communications between the end devices and the core
  • Near real-time feedback and analysis
  • Private UPF to keep data secure by looping it back from Cloud to the network
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