NB-IoT Asset Tracker

End-to-end solution with wide range coverage for different use cases including fleet tracking, pet tracking, human tracking

Amantya’s NB-IoT Asset Tracker

Future-Proof Asset Tracking solution to automate and advance your business performance

Amantya’s next-gen asset tracker is an end-to-end dual-mode solution equipped with the latest NB-IoT/ LTE-M and a cloud-based GPS interface. A battery-operated, end-to-end solution with a wide range of coverage for diverse use cases, it is designed to monitor assets in outdoor environments more reliably and securely.

Developed for use cases like fleet management, inventory & pet tracking, logistics management, personal tracking, and much more, Amantya’s NB-IoT tracker enables efficient communication and innovative asset tracking & management at a low cost.


What We Offer

End-to-End Solution. Enhanced Operations. Faster Time-to-Market

Key Features

Battery Operated

Battery operated solution for Cellular IoT using LTE-M, NB-IoT, and GPS

Dual-Mode Modem

The multimode modem supports eDRX & PSM for coverage enhancement features

Multi-Band Support

The global RF front end supports bands from 700 MHz to 2.2 GHz

Multiple Sensor Support

Supports sensing details including temperature, accelerometer, pressure, humidity, motion, and light

Why Amantya’s NB-IoT Asset Tracker?

Higher Battery Life

Long-life rechargeable battery. Can be charged using Micro-USB 2.0.

Improved Coverage

Wide range coverage area to track outdoors and deep penetration indoors as well

Competitive Pricing

Supports multiple use cases at unmatched pricing and the right optimization

Detailed Reports

Comprehensive and tailored reports of the assets’ current status

Complete Access

Full access to asset location and environmental conditions using sensors over the cloud

Near Real-Time Location

Near real-time location, quick updates of equipment, assets, and people’s current status for efficient monitoring


Amantya's NB-IoT Asset Tracker specifications etc :

Nordic nRF9160
Wireless Communication
GPS Channels
L1C/A is supported
Operating Temperature
-40°C to +85°C
Built-in Ceramic Antenna
Li-ion Battery
Micre-USB 2.0 for Easy Charging

Use Cases

Smart City Solutions
  •   Monitor air pollution, waste management, street lights, etc.
  •   Streamline traffic, smart parking, signals, etc.
  •   Enable smart metering (electricity, gas, and water meter)
  •   Smart buildings with alarm systems, HIVAC, and access control
  •   Set up processes that require small data packets to be sent frequently to an IoT management platform
  •   Connected commercial & industrial appliances
Smart Home Solutions/ Consumers
  •   Monitoring pets, assets, and loved ones
  •   White goods & appliances monitoring
  •   Intruder and fire alarms for prevention & quick alerts
  •   Connected personal devices & wearables to monitor health parameters
  •   Near real-time updates on asset location
  •   Minimal downtime in accessing indoor location & delivery information
  •   Detailed insights into inventory management
  •   Quick equipment/ packet mishandling information
  •   Tamper, collision, shock detection alerts
  •   Enhanced workforce and asset safety
Fleet Management
  •   Real-time location & health of the vehicle
  •   Insights into driver's behavior
  •   Tamper, collision, shock detection alerts
  •   Enhanced driver & vehicle safety
  •   Predictive management



Temperature Monitoring Assets


Agriculture/ Environment


  •   Near real-time information on the location of patients, personnel, and assets
  •   Inventory management to ensure no lag in availability
  •   Enhanced and focused patient care
  •   Improved monitoring of high-value equipment and machinery
Temperature Monitoring Assets
  •   Real-time information on temperature for quality control
  •   Prompt alerts to notify temperature variations, enabling quick & preventive action
  •   Shock & tamper alerts
Agriculture/ Environment
  •   Land/ environment monitoring
  •   Animal tracking
  •   Pollution monitoring
  •   Temperature monitoring
  •   Monitor weather, soil, plant, moisture, nutrients, and water usage conditions
  •   Increase quality, quantity, and cost-effectiveness of produce

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