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Amantya’s Wi-Fi mesh testing assesses the performance and resilience of mesh network architecture, ensuring that it operates seamlessly and provides reliable connectivity across all areas. Our Wi-Fi testing tool is supported by an advanced Test Automation Framework that acts as a Common Test Manager to run automated tests to determine the efficacy of a mesh network.

At Amantya, we are committed to providing MNOs and Wi-Fi solution providers with a powerful and customizable mesh network testing solution that enhances product and application functionality, optimizes wireless infrastructure, and delivers exceptional user experiences. 

Test tool Capabilities

  • Measures the speed, latency, signal strength, and range between mesh routers and clients, ensuring enhanced roaming performance for a superior user experience
  • Identifies and mitigates any sources of interference that may be impacting network performance
  • Test features such as OFDMA, Band Steering, throughput at scale, packet loss, and jitter
  • Throughput vs. Attenuation test to measure how throughput varies as signal levels are reduced
  • Multiband test to get insight into backhaul bandwidth and latency through the mesh
  • Simulates high user volumes and data loads on the mesh network to identify potential weaknesses or bottlenecks
  • Verifies seamless communication and handover between mesh network nodes, ensuring robust connectivity
  • Validates the effectiveness of self-healing mechanisms in Wi-Fi mesh networks by triggering and monitoring network recovery processes
  • Tests seamless handover and connectivity between Wi-Fi, 4G, and 5G networks
  • Can handle multiple users or devices simultaneously

Test Tool Features

  • Common Test Manager for test case management and result/log management/device control
  • Application traffic generator generates traffic for different QoS for performance/load testing
  • Support for Wi-Fi (802.11n), Wi-Fi 5 (802.11 ac), Wi-Fi 6/7 (802.11 ax/be)
  • Support 2X2 MU MIMO; 4x4 cells; 512 emulated UEs (with radio module)
  • Multiple Modem stack - Real Wi-Fi modems used.
  • Max Speeds 5.8 Gbps per modem
  • Seamless connection to 4G and 5G networks
  • Throughput testing using variable attenuators and RF chambers
  • Digital RF Attenuators - Varied signal attenuation for near and edge cell test cases

Tetsing Scope

Performance Testing
Data Plane Performance per Hop
Link Failover/Self Healing
Product Validation
Performance in Different Mesh Configurations
Mobile Client Performance

Key Market Segments

Performance over distance
Roaming delays and network downtime
Throughput/Latency/Loss per Hop

Why Amantya’s Wi-Fi Mesh Testing Tool?

Streamlined installation process for effortless deployment.

Extensive coverage to eliminate dead zones.

Smooth transition between access points for uninterrupted connections.

Efficient allocation of bandwidth for optimal performance.

Intelligent management of device connections for improved efficiency.

Automatic network repair to maintain stability and reliability

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