Wi-Fi FWA Testing

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Verifying FWA device performance against specifications early in the development phase accelerates time to market and enhances end user experience. The device must meet the stringent performance criteria outlined by the manufacturer, network operator, and standards bodies like the 3GPP.

Amantya offers comprehensive FWA testing that spans the entire device design and development workflow. Our FWA testing tool is supported by an advanced Test Automation Framework that acts as a Common Test Manager to run automated tests for various use cases, whether on the bench or in production. The tool has signalling capabilities and conducts RF and functional testing for 5G and WLAN, encompassing throughput assessment. It also verifies the RF performance of hardware prototypes and final products during manufacturing.

Test tool Capabilities

  • Automates the complete test setup using scripts & APIs for 5G and WLAN tests
  • Provides seamless connection to 4G and 5G networks
  • Measures and tests latency and QoS (Quality of Service) consistency
  • Tests 4G/5G FWA throughput
  • Enables load testing of real Wi-Fi devices connected to FWA with support of Wi-Fi 2.4/5/6 GHz
  • Measures FWA capability in both cell edge and far capabilities using digital attenuation/fader
  • Handles multiple users or devices simultaneously

Test Tool Features

  • Common Test Manager for test case management and result/log management/device control
  • Application traffic generator generates traffic for different QoS for performance/load testing
  • Support for Wi-Fi (802.11n), Wi-Fi 5 (802.11 ac), Wi-Fi 6/7 (802.11 ax/be)
  • Support 2X2 MU MIMO; 4x4 cells; 512 emulated UEs (with radio module)
  • Multiple Modem stack - Real Wi-Fi modems used
  • Max Speeds 5.8 Gbps per modem
  • Seamless connection to 4G and 5G networks
  • Throughput testing using variable attenuators and RF chambers
  • Digital RF Attenuators - Varied signal attenuation for near and edge cell test cases
Functional Testing
  • Test the device’s compatibility with different wireless protocols like 5G NR, LTE, and Wi-Fi.
  • Test the device’s ability to connect to 4G and 5G networks.
  • Evaluate the device ability to maintain a consistent QoS.
  • Verify whether the device implements security features effectively.
  • Verify the functionality of single/multiple ethernet port.
Performance Testing
  • Evaluate the data transfer speeds in UL and DL.
  • Cellular Backhaul.
  • End Devices (Wi-Fi).
  • Measure the data Round-Trip Time (RTT).
  • Measure the percentage of data packets lost during transmission.
  • Evaluate the strength of the wireless signal at various distances.
  • Evaluate the ability to handle multiple users or devices simultaneously.
Load Testing
  • Simulate a realistic number of users and devices to mimic actual usage scenarios.
  • Evaluate the device's performance under both optimal and degraded network conditions.
  • Assess the ability to handle a significant number of simultaneous connections and data sessions.
  • Measure and analyze the device's data throughput under various load conditions.

Why Amantya’s FWA Testing Tool?

Distributed architecture to tailor the setup for unique testing requirements.

Stacked Scale Generators with emulated clients offer versatile network load testing capabilities.

Supports testing across legacy technologies and 6/7 (802.11 ax/be).

Support of real UEs/Modems and applications to provide a realistic view of consumer behavior and experience.

Test Automation Framework support allows users to complete system control for custom script development.

A comprehensive library of predefined test scripts to execute, analyze results, and draw actionable insights.

Automation streamlines the testing process, allowing for rapid execution of test cases. Test scenarios can also be easily repeated and modified, improving testing efficiency.

As 5G networks evolve, AutoCORE can adapt to new specifications and features, providing a future-proof testing environment.

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