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Amantya’s expertise in the rapidly evolving 5G ecosystem is underpinned by our advanced accelerators, including 5G SA Core, 5G UPF, and 5G Core-as-a-service. We optimally use these futuristic accelerators to deliver cutting-edge solutions like 5G labs and private 5G networks for network operators, OEMs, and enterprises.

Amantya’s 5G network portfolio includes a variety of system integration and porting capabilities that provide network services on RAN and Core, ONAP integration, 5G lab setup, MEC charging integration, and network slicing. We also offer 5G testing services ranging from RAN/Core testing, performance/benchmark testing, GCF conformance testing for UE, MIMO testing, etc.


As the race to bring 5G use cases to reality picks up pace, along with endless opportunities comes a set of complex challenges for the big and small players in the industry. At Amantya Technologies, we ensure our customers sail through these challenges to make the 5G switch seamlessly.


5G Lab

Amantya's 5G Lab solution is built using a highly advanced 5G Network-in-a-Box comprising RAN and 5G Core Network. The solution comes with an interactive GUI-based interface and is ideal for testing and simulation.

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Amantya’s Astra5G is a high-performance, end-to-end private wireless solution designed to meet the emerging needs of enterprises exploring new-age 5G use cases.

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5G Lab


5G Core

Easily deployable on-premise or in any public/private/hybrid cloud environment, our 5G Core network consists of a data plane function and a high-performing user plane function.

5G Core-as-a-Service

Enabled on AWS (Amazon Web Services) platform, the SaaS-based solution allows the usage of Amantya's cloud-native SA 5G Core on convenient time-based subscription plans.


Amantya’s standards-compliant 5G Standalone (SA) UPF is a highly optimized cloud-native solution with powerful and intelligent packet processing capabilities.


Testing & Automation

Our deep domain expertise in 5G testing and automation includes:

  •   Building 5G labs and portable labs
  •   Handover, interoperability, performance/benchmark & stability/regression testing
  •   RAN/Core testing, MIMO testing & GCF conformance testing for UE
  •   Network automation, testing automation, and DevOps
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System Integration

Our state-of-the-art system integration capabilities include:

  •   Network services on Radio and Core networks
  •   ONAP integration
  •   MEC charging station integration
  •   Network slicing
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5G Applications

We have proven expertise in use cases that can run on 5G MEC infrastructure, including:

  •   Robotics Operating System
  •   C-V2X
  •   Video Analytics
  •   Content Delivery Network
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