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Comprehensive Integrated 5G RAN and vRAN Testing

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As 5G standards evolve, testing and validating all aspects of a 5G network before deployment is vital to accelerate innovation. 5G Radio Access Network (RAN) testing is integral to this process. The evolving nature of 5G RAN requires rigorous testing to evaluate its modular and adaptable architecture at scale and performance.

Testing the 5G RAN demands meticulous planning, comprehensive test plans, a robust performance benchmarking approach, test automation, and detailed reporting. Amantya provides a cost-effective 5G RAN testing solution that offers flexibility and modularity for generating realistic 5G UE testing scenarios. The solution is compact yet scalable, facilitating validation of the most complex mobility scenarios. Users can conduct capacity tests, analyze cell throughput, evaluate voice quality, and simulate diverse mobility scenarios.


Solution Highlights


GUI-driven testing solution tailored for 5G Integrated RAN and Virtual RAN (vRAN) environments.


An out-of-box, pre-integrated, standards-based, and scalable solution.


Supports data-driven testing – create test plans once and reuse them any number of times.


Easy test scheduling and management


Scales up to 128 real UEs & 128 UEs/Cell to 1000 UE’s/Cell emulated UEs*, ensuring accurate and realistic testing results


Cell Support - Two (2) 4x4 cells OR Four (4) 2x2 cells (combinations possible)


5GC/IMS Simulator – with impairments/Data Generator (iPerf)*


Enables day-1 testing through prebuilt test plans based on 3GPP TS 38.4XX*


RESTful APIs for integration with existing UE emulators/CI-CD pipelines/automation frameworks.

Integrated 5G RAN and vRAN Testing 

At Amantya, we offer a comprehensive suite of testing tools and capabilities to ensure the seamless deployment and optimization of your 5G Integrated RAN and Virtual RAN (vRAN) infrastructure.

Our 5G Integrated RAN testing solutions allow you to thoroughly validate the performance, reliability, and interoperability of your 5G Radio Access Network.

  • Comprehensive testing of 5G NR (New Radio) components and interfaces.
  • Validation of 5G network slicing and QoS capabilities.
  • Seamless integration with legacy 4G LTE networks for NSA (Non-Standalone) 5G testing.

As the industry transitions towards virtualized and cloud-native RAN architectures, our vRAN testing solutions ensure your 5G network is ready to meet future demands.

  • Validate vRAN infrastructure, including cloud platforms and orchestration
  • Test vRAN software components and interfaces for optimal performance
  • Ensure seamless integration with Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) platforms to unlock the full potential of virtualized network functions

Testing Scope

Development Testing
Functional Testing
Product Validation
Performance Testing
Scaled Lab deployments
Handset Interoperability
Reference Design Validation

Key Market Segment

RAN Stack – R&D
Small Cell Vendors
Chipset Vendors

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