3G/4G Tracker

Real-time information and IoT asset tracking with 3G/4G tracker!

3G/4G Tracker

High precision indoor & outdoor monitoring of assets

Amantya’s GPS tracker is powered by 4G connectivity. A robust, light-weight tracker with a very long battery life, it combines geolocation and GPS technologies for high-precision tracking within city limits or in the countryside. It enables information transmission via global GSM wireless networks and can be piggyback onto any available network to maximize coverage.

The GPS tracker is perfectly suitable for fleet tracking, logistics, valuable goods tracking, warehouse management and personal tracking, to name a few. Furthermore, Amantya offers end-to-end design, development and production support to suit specific business or personal needs.


What We Offer

End-to-End Solution. Enhanced Operations. Faster Time-to-Market

Key Features

Highly Compatible

Supports Android & iOS-based applications

Global Reach

Information transmission via global GSM wireless networks


Easily deployable lightweight tracker


Seamless indoor/outdoor asset management

Weather Proof

Suitable for extreme environments and weather

Why Amantya’s 3G/4G GPS Tracker?


Can withstand extreme weather & environmental conditions

Proximity Guidance

Proximity guidance feature to track lost assets

Zero Downtime

Real-time asset location updates

Low Power & Long Battery Life

18 months battery life & stable connectivity with incredibly low power consumption

Complete Control

Full access & control over the device movement & measurement

SOS Button

Built with a panic button for emergencies & alert notifications

Detailed Reports

Updates of current & historical data

Separation Indicator

Asset disconnection alerts on smartphone


Amantya's 3G/4G Tracker specifications:

120(L) x 69(W) x 19.5(H)mm
Working Temperature
6500 mAh Lithium Manganese Battery
3.0 VDC
GNSS Accuracy
GPS Brand
B1/B2 /B3/B4 /B5/B8 /B28
Built-in GSM /WCDMA /LTE-TDD antenna, Ceramics GPS antenna

Use Cases

Fleet Tracking
  •   Plug & play device with long battery life
  •   Remote immobilization for fleet management
  •   Track real-time location & health of fleet, vehicle, cargo, etc.
  •   Tamper, collision, shock detection alerts
  •   Drive ID, driver safety & monitoring & vehicle safety
  •   Theft recovery
Logistics & warehouse Management
  •   Precise indoor location of assets and workforce
  •   Real-time location of goods in transit
  •   Delivery information
  •   Workspace safety & tracking
  •   Reduce loss and thefts of assets
Personal Tracking
  •   Ensure safety of pets, assets & loved ones loved ones with real-time location updates
  •   Reduce loss and thefts of assets
Medical Equipment Tracking
  •   Track location of high value medical equipment in real-time
  •   Indoor positioning
  •   Prevent assets from being lost or misplaced
  •   Improve patient care and experience
  •   Increase control and accountability over assets

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