Indoor RTLS

One-stop solution to increase business productivity

Indoor Real-Time Tracking System

Unprecedented visibility for actionable insights and smarter business decisions

Amantya’s Wi is a multipurpose and versatile solution designed to track assets and workforce in indoor and outdoor environments. It can transform a business into a highly efficient, powerful, and streamlined operation with precise tracking capabilities. Wi helps organizations gain accurate and actionable data to be more productive, cost-effective, and safe, enabling virtual monitoring of all assets. Extremely easy to integrate into current business systems, Wi enables visibility and predictability in even the largest enterprises. Just one click on your phone or PC, and you have eyes over everything.


What We Offer

End-to-End Solution. Enhanced Operations. Faster Time-to-Market

Key Features

Long Battery Life

Replaceable asset tag battery, with a battery life of up to two years

Homegrown Solution

End-2-end in-house designing, manufacturing, and software development of the device & service offerings

Highly Accurate

Accurate up to 3-5 meters, allowing complete flexibility in virtual zones without any changes in the existing infrastructure

Reliable & Certified

Reliable and certified solution guaranteeing optimal performance even in hazardous environments

Range & Sustainability

Range up to 100 meters in clear line of sight, suitable for multiple existing business use cases

Why Amantya for Indoor RTLS?

Optimize Business Efficiency
Customizable Solution

Reliable Solution

Application-Based Dashboard

Lower Cost Implementation

Decrease Power Consumption
Expert Training & Support
Safer Work Environment


Amantya's Indoor RTLS specifications:

Bluetooth Version
BLE 5.0
Listed Range
OS Compatibility
iOS & Android
18 Months

Use Cases

Industry 4.0
  •   Track assets in real-time such as equipment, tools, machinery, etc.
  •   Reduce theft/loss of assets
  •   Increase business efficiency and workforce productivity
  •   Monitored & controlled movement of workflows
  •   Efficient utilization of inventory
  •   Streamline reporting
  •   Advanced quality check and assurance
  •   Enable real-time alerts at unauthorized locations within the premises
  •   Attendance management
  •   Real-time tracking of high-value medical equipment
  •   Reduce and consolidate paper-based records
  •   Reduce retrieval costs and improve compliance
  •   Prevent assets from being lost or misplaced
  •   Improve patient care and experience
  •   Increase control and accountability over assets
  •   Manage lifecycles of assets and equipment
  •   Visitor management
Warehouse & Logistics
  •   Gain valuable insights into assets, inventories, workforce, and in-house transits
  •   Locate misplaced assets quickly and with minimal effort
  •   Loss prevention of trolleys, products, cargos, etc.
  •   Complete facility management
  •   Hierarchal reporting of assets
  •   In-transit management within premises
  •   Automated and seamless management of visitors & vehicles
  •   Efficient utilization of inventory
  •   Workspace safety & tracking
  •   Improve security and inventory taking of all wearables, equipment, and uniforms
  •   Enable real-time monitoring of high-value assets like computers, laptops, cameras, biometric devices, etc.
  •   Improve accountability and maintenance
  •   Enhance business scalability
  •   Real-time alerts in restricted zones
  •   Reduces loss and thefts of assets
  •   Improve customer experience
  •   Workspace safety & tracking

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