Amantya’s AutoRAN

Test Automation Framework for RAN Testing

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The transition from 4G to 5G, the emergence of Open RAN (ORAN) architecture, the need for interoperability
among multiple nodes, and the shift toward automation due to the comprehensive nature of test plans collectively
contribute to making RAN network testing a challenging enterprise.

Internet of Things

Amantya's AutoRAN

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AutoRAN is a comprehensive and user-centric solution for testing and optimizing the performance of mobile network components. An easy-to-use tool, it supports user friendly interface and a predefined dashboard to simplify test case execution and test suite management and is scalable as per the testing requirement. AutoRAN uses real devices to simulate deployment scenarios and is ideal for the evolving testing requirements of RAN OEMs, small cell manufacturers, chip vendors, and MNOs.

  • Customizable package with Core simulators (EPC/NGC/IMS) for end-to-end testing of RAN nodes (eNB/gNB).
  • Adaptable to test ORAN components for a disaggregated RAN solution.
  • Capable of testing RIC/CU/DU by selecting the appropriate test bed components.
  • Standalone solution with provision for REST-based integration.
  • Enables users to maximize benefits from their existing testing/development infrastructure.
  • Gives option to create custom codes and packages for further customization and flexibility in testing processes.

Radio Network Test Suite


Integrated 4G/5G RAN Testing

Conduct end-to-end testing of radio network nodes (eNB/gNB) with customizable Core simulators (EPC/NGC/IMS) for comprehensive testing and validation of network components. 


ORAN Testing

Test standalone O-RU, O-DU, O-CU, and near Real-Time RIC network elements, or as combined elements, for complete end-to-end Open RAN network validation.


Probes Testing

Real device simulation, precise network impairment creation, and monitoring of network equipment performance for accurate troubleshooting and performance optimization.

AutoRAN Components

test_automation Test Automation Framework

  • Holistic framework for creating scripts and automating test cases.
  • Manages device onboarding, control, test scheduling, execution, suite management, and log/result management.

Icon Devices Racks

  • Real devices/modems/handsets are controlled through the test framework.
  • Supports up to 256 devices, including both 4G and 5G.

Icon Attenuator Assembly

  • Includes software-controlled attenuators and combiner–splitter assembly.
  • Simulates mobility and handover scenarios.
  • Supports 2x2 MIMO cells, scalable to 4x4 MIMO cells based on testing needs.

Icon Emulation Package

  • Core network emulators (EPC/NGC/IMS) for end-to-end testing.
  • Multi-QoS data generator for application simulation.
  • Emulation of RAN/ORAN interfaces (X2/E2/F1) provided, customizable for specific testing environments.
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Key Market Segments

RAN Stack Vendors
Small Cell Vendors
Chip Vendors

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Key Features


End-to-End Automation

UE and DUT configuration with Core simulator (EPC/NGC/IMS) for comprehensive RAN and ORAN testing.


Real UEs for Active Testing

Utilizes real 4G/5G UEs, ensuring ultimate verification of end-user Quality of Experience.


Versatile RAN Support

Multiple RAN nodes (eNB/gNB/O-DU/ O-CU) with 2x2 and 4x4 MIMO configurations.


Core Emulation and Data Support

EPC/NGC/IMS Core emulator and server-side data generators for end-to-end testing.


Attenuator Assembly

Software-controlled attenuator setup allowing precise attenuation up to 95 dB.



Supports 64 UEs, scalable to 256 UEs, adapting to evolving testing requirements.


Highly Integrable

RESTful APIs for CI/CD and attenuator control, OAM integration (TR-069), and UE control via AT commands.


Intuitive UI

User-friendly interface and predefined dashboard for rapid deployment and result reporting.


Future Ready

Allows seamless integration of new message decoder libraries without framework changes.

Test Scenarios

The framework can be used to create/execute and automate test scenarios for various testing scenarios.

Functional Testing
System Integration
Capacity Testing
Handover Testing
Network API Testing
Interworking between 4G/5G
Interface Testing

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