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5G Lab

About 5G Lab

Amantya's state-of-the-art 5G Lab built with our latest offering, 5G Network in a Box, includes in-house developed 5G SA Core Network and RAN. The solution comes with an interactive GUI-based interface and is ideal for testing and optimizing 5G products in a live test environment.

The lab is a proving ground where technology providers can pre-validate their solutions to current 3GPP standards and test them for interoperability with third-party integrations, helping speed up the innovation cycle and reducing time-to-market.

5G Network in a Box

The 5G NIAB is a plug & play solution ideal for creating 5G testing & simulation environments. It comes pre-integrated with a fully-functional 5G Standalone (SA) Core and RAN.



5G SA Core

100 Mbps Throughput

20 MHz Bandwidth

10 dbM Power

20 Feet Range

Key Use Cases

Portable 5G Lab

RAN/Core Testing

Interoperability Testing

Network in a Box Dashboard

Network in a Box

Network in a Box Dashboard

Amantya's compact and portable NIAB is compliant to 3GPP standards and can have an entire 5G network up and running within minutes.

Interactive GUI-based interface to manage/configure your network, detailed statistics and reports, and customer support


Pre-integrated with 5G core and RAN


Plug & play

Commercial UE Support

Interoperated with popular UE modems like Qualcomm


3GPP compliant 5G Core and RAN solutions

GUI-based Interface

Intuitive & interactive user interface


Ideal for networks-on-the-go

Our Offerings

Amantya’s 5G Lab is dedicated to testing, experimentation, and discovery around 5G. The following are the key offerings of the avant-garde solution.

Cutting-edge 5G network testing solutions for easy deployment and validation of various network functions and devices

  • Lab buildup, design, and blueprint
  • Roadmap of blueprint implementation capability and associated lab inventory
  • Inventory supply chain identification for each stage of the lab’s buildout and growth
  • Cost estimate for initial buildout and CAPEX/OPEX for the pre-identified duration of lab vis-a-vis blueprints & testing

3GPP standards-compliant advanced solutions, supporting containerized and NFV-based deployment

  • Setting up testbeds, network connectivity, test/measurement equipment, and tools to meet acceptance criteria
  • Calibration of the test and measurement equipment & tools
  • Integration of OSS, MANO, and network elements
  • Vendor Equipment Onboarding - Qualification/Disqualification, Validation and Certification, Reporting & Result sharing

Innovative environment for mobile network operators to test and validate their 5G products and solutions

  • Execute standard scope Conformance, IoT, and Performance tests using pre-defined and recommended test procedures and profiles
  • Document and publish results in pre-approved formats with complete confidentiality
  • Lab management services
  • Generate detailed results, blueprints, and interface profiles

Customizable and cost-effective platform offering end-to-end solutions to support testing, development, prototyping, and validation of next-gen products and services for the 5G ecosystem

  • Ready-to-use, flexible development and testing environment that provides early access to niche skills and solutions
  • Complete 5G ecosystem to accelerate new product and solutions’ time-to-market
  • Dedicated platform to simulate scenarios and showcase solutions for Proof of Concept (POC)
  • Customized environment for tests and trials for any user application

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