Amantya’s 5G Lab

Prototype, Develop and Test 4G/5G Network, Products,
Solutions, Application & Use Cases

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5G Core

Wide-Ranged Usage

Amantya's 5G Lab is an easy-to-use, flexible solution well-suited for a wide range of applications. It is ideal for enterprises, R&D institutions, and educational institutes looking to build, test, and optimize 5G applications and use cases, and drive innovation using a real-world 5G environment.

  • Prototype and run demos of new use cases, devices, applications, and services using 5G
  • Conduct research with a fully operational 5G setup, and fine-tune any aspect of the protocol
  • Evaluate scalability, interoperability and reliability of solutions and assess performance under different network characteristics (RF, QoS, Slicing, etc.)
  • Test your robots, AGVs, drones, connected cameras, and more with your own private 5G network in your lab
  • Utilize advanced features like IMS, NMS, MEC, IoT, Drone, and Camera Analytics for next-gen application development
  • Use next-gen simulators and emulators for 4G/5G RAN, ORAN, 4G/5G Core, VoNR/VoLTE Testing

Tailored Packages for Varied Use Cases

Basic Pro Advanced
5G Infrastructure NIAB NIAB/RAN+Core RAN+Core
Bandwidth Upto 40 MHz Upto 100 MHz Upto 100 MHz
MIMO 2*2 2*2/4*4 2*2/4*4
Throughput Upto 100 Mbps Upto 100/300/600 Mbps Upto 100/300/
600 Mbps or above
NMS greentick greentick greentick
IMS greentick greentick greentick
MEC greentick greentick greentick
IoT & Camera Kits greentick greentick greentick
Simulators/Emulators Optional Optional Optional

Support & Maintenance

Basic Pro Advanced
NEF APIs/CAMARA APIs greentick greentick greentick
Support for Integration
with 3rd Party Software
greentick greentick greentick
Training greentick greentick greentick
Manuals & Guides greentick greentick greentick
Access to Software Releases greentick greentick greentick

Amantya Lab Components


A compact, plug-and-play solution with 5G Core, RAN, and UPF in a single box.

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5G Core

Compliant with 3GPP Release 16,
our 5G SA Core handles up to
50,000 simultaneous sessions.

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Smart Edge Node

Converged Data Plane for 4G, 5G, and Non-3GPP.

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In-house Emulators & Simulators

AutoRAN (Test Automation

A user-friendly test automation framework
employing real devices to simulate deployment
scenarios, identifying issues early.

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CAAF (Core Agnostic
Automation Framework)

Amantya's CAAF is a vendor-agnostic gNodeB
and UE simulator designed for end-to-end
testing and validation of 4G/5G Core.

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Other Components



  • RAN Intelligent Controller Service
  • Management & Orchestration

MEC Platform

  • Low Latency Applications
  • Edge Processing Performance


  • VoNR/VoLTE Support


  • HTTP / 3GPP API Support

Data Analytics & AI Tools

  • NWDAF Support for Realtime and Predictive Analytics

IOT Platform

  • IOT Device Connectivity & Management

Testing Capabilities

Amantya’s lab can be utilized for different testing scenarios:

4G/5G RAN Testing
4G/5G Core
Network Testing
Functional &

Use Cases

PoC and Product Development
  • Prototype new 5G use cases and services
  • Develop, build or upgrade 5G network elements as per 3GPP standards
  • Use advanced features – MEC, Slicing, QoS, etc.
  • Access NEF APIs for seamless integration
  • CIoT, V2X, Camera kits and evaluation boards for building prototypes
Network Parity
  • Network compliance with latest releases and updates
  • Ensure compatibility with network standards
  • Evaluate performance under different network characteristics (RF, QoS, Slicing, etc.)
  • Integration with legacy network
  • Maintain service reliability
Pre-deployment Testing
  • Thoroughly test solutions and devices in real 5G environment
  • Assess solutions under various conditions and cases
  • Evaluate scalability, interoperability, and reliability of solutions
  • Identify and fix vulnerabilities
  • Validate solutions before the actual launch to minimize risk

Focus Market Areas

Icon Mobile Network Operators 

  • Experiment with new services & applications
  • Ensure compatibility with network standards
  • Ensure 5G network functions, other elements integrate seamlessly with COTS devices, applications, and network equipment

Icon Network OEMs 

  • Develop 4G/5G core and RAN/ORAN products in a real-world environment
  • Integration testing with other 5G network functions
  • Rigorous testing to ensure high-quality

Icon Device OEMs

  • Ensure compatibility with various networks, reducing issues.
  • Fine-tune device performance - data speed, latency, reliability
  • Validate compatibility across a wide range of devices.

Icon Enterprises 

  • Conduct private PoCs for implementing and testing private 5G networks.
  • Validate the integration of private 5G with existing enterprise infrastructure
  • Evaluate the integration of IoT devices into private 5G networks.

Icon Universities/R&D Institutions  

  • Hands-on 5G training.
  • 5G innovation and use case development
  • Setting up incubation centre.

Icon Application Vendors 

  • Verify interoperability with devices and networks
  • Fine-tune performance for low latency and high throughput
  • Leverage Network Exposure Function APIs for advanced applications

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