5G Network in a Box

All-in-one solution pre-integrated with 5G SA Core & 5G RAN

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Amantya’s 5G Network in a Box (NIAB) is an all-in-one, ready-to-deploy solution that comes pre-integrated with a fully-loaded 5G SA Core and 5G RAN. It is a compact, portable solution and can have an end-to-end 5G network up and running in no time, owing to its 3GPP-compliant implementation. The NIAB has an intuitive and comprehensive user interface, making it easy to manage and operate. It supports different deployment modes and multiple frequency bands, making it suitable for various use cases in testing and simulation.

5G Network in a Box

The 5G NIAB is a plug & play solution ideal for creating 5G testing & simulation environments. It comes pre-integrated with a fully-functional 5G Standalone (SA) Core and RAN.


3GPP compliant

Plug & Play

GUI-Based Interface

10dbM Power

<=10 Ms Latency

150W Power Consumption

Key Use Cases

Portable 5G Lab

RAN/Core Testing

Interoperability Testing


Our new 5G NIAB SKUs are meticulously engineered to deliver exceptional throughput, ensuring a seamless experience
for your 5G lab experiments.

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Network in a Box Dashboard

Network in a Box

Network in a Box Dashboard

Software platform for overseeing and controlling various aspects of the infrastructure, such as network management and resource allocation. Additionally, the system includes features like:

  • Monitor Alarms
  • Traffic Analyzer
  • Download Traces
  • RAN/Core Settings

Our Offerings

Amantya’s 5G Network in a Box solution is dedicated to testing, experimentation, and discovery around 5G. The following are the key offerings of the avant-garde solution.

Cutting-edge 5G network testing solutions for easy deployment and validation of various network functions and devices

    • Lab buildup, design, and blueprint
    • Roadmap of blueprint implementation capability and associated lab inventory
    • Inventory supply chain identification for each stage of the lab’s buildout and growth
    • Cost estimate for initial buildout and CAPEX/OPEX for the pre-identified duration of lab vis-a-vis blueprints & testing

3GPP standards-compliant advanced solutions, supporting containerized and NFV-based deployment

  • Setting up testbeds, network connectivity, test/measurement equipment, and tools to meet acceptance criteria
  • Calibration of the test and measurement equipment & tools
  • Integration of OSS, MANO, and network elements
  • Vendor Equipment Onboarding - Qualification/Disqualification, Validation and Certification, Reporting & Result sharing

Innovative environment for mobile network operators to test and validate their 5G products and solutions

  • Execute standard scope Conformance, IoT, and Performance tests using pre-defined and recommended test procedures and profiles
  • Document and publish results in pre-approved formats with complete confidentiality
  • Lab management services
  • Generate detailed results, blueprints, and interface profiles

Customizable and cost-effective platform offering end-to-end solutions to support testing, development, prototyping, and validation of next-gen products and services for the 5G ecosystem

  • Ready-to-use, flexible development and testing environment that provides early access to niche skills and solutions
  • Complete 5G ecosystem to accelerate new product and solutions’ time-to-market
  • Dedicated platform to simulate scenarios and showcase solutions for Proof of Concept (POC)
  • Customized environment for tests and trials for any user application

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