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Private 5G Network

Astra5G - Powering Private 5G Deployments

Amantya’s Astra5G is an enterprise-grade private 5G solution designed to meet the emerging needs of enterprises, service providers, and industries as they evolve their business models from legacy networks to private 5G to expand capacity and capabilities and explore a range of new use cases and applications.

Comprising a Radio Access Network, 5G SA Core, and a high-performance User Plane Function, Amantya’s Private 5G solution delivers high speed, reliability, and security, improving productivity, connectivity, and operational flexibility.

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Amantya’s Private 5G Solution

Comprehensive Solution

Amantya’s Enterprise 5G Solution comprises a Radio Access Network (RAN) Hardware, a SA 5G Core, and a high-performing User Plane Function. The advanced end-to-end solution can get a private 5G network running within minutes.

Powerful Management Portal

The simple yet powerful web portal allows enterprises to monitor, manage and customize their private 5G network as per requirement. Whether you need to configure sims, check alarms, monitor speeds, or create/manage multi-local networks – you are just a click away.

Astra 5g

Flexible and Easy to Use Solution

The one-touch start-up functionality and pre-configured settings help set up your private 5G Network in minutes, with minimal effort. Moreover, Amantya’s Enterprise 5G Network is an entirely standards-based solution that makes integrating seamlessly with your existing infrastructure easier.

Astra 5g

Fast. Secure. Reliable. In Your Control

Private 5G Network Services

Amantya supports businesses across industries in their digital transformation journey, enabling the adoption of data-intensive applications, cutting-edge services, and enhanced operational efficiency. Specializing in designing, deploying, testing, and managing private wireless networks, our services in the domain ensure seamless evolution from Wi-Fi to 5G, empowering enterprises to unlock innovation and competitive advantage at scale with Private 5G.

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Develop a comprehensive Private 5G assessment plan based on use cases and performance requirements.

Tech Evaluation

Detailed conceptual assessment with a site survey to define project scope and identify existing wireless networks to evaluate tech requirements.

Road Mapping

Formulate a roadmap and transition plan for tech implementation aligned with both current and future use cases.

Use Case Development Consulting

Develop a business case and ROI plan based on defined use cases and the cost of network implementation.

Design (RF & Core)

Ensure the coverage, capacity, core functionality, redundancy, security, and future scalability align with defined use cases while designing the network.

Indoor and Outdoor

Leverage industry standard tools to design indoor and outdoor networks, ensuring seamless private 5G coverage for large campus-based enterprise applications.


Evaluate proper capacity and performance in the RAN, core, and backhaul to ensure the network will scale to meet future coverage and traffic demands.

Network Testing

End-to-end network testing, from design through implementation, including performance testing, network benchmarking, and continuous wave testing

Device Testing

Comprehensive testing of the functionality and performance of clients’ off-the-shelf and purpose-built devices.

Feature Affirmation

Iterative testing to verify and validate the effect of activating OEM-specific features within the network.

Application Validation

We develop and implement test plans to validate the performance of existing applications currently deployed by the enterprises.


Planning and logistics, racking and stacking network hardware (RAN and Core), and end-to-end installation management.

Cloud/Edge Network Configurations

End-to-end support for on-premise, cloud, or hybrid network configuration depending on the location of network applications

Logistics Management

End-to-end management of enterprise network deployment, including planning and staging.

Network Optimization

Full support for network optimization post-deployment, including tweaking network parameters and physical adjustments to ensure the network is operating at peak potential.

Use Case Validation

End-to-end network testing to validate that the network’s defined use cases meet the acceptance criteria

Backend Support

Dedicated teams to provide remote troubleshooting support across global locations.

Automatic Service Upgrades

Continuous monitoring, operations, and automatic regular software and new features upgrades.

On-site Support

For breakdowns that can’t be resolved remotely, we can support on-site troubleshooting and repair through our pre-agreed contract terms.


Support for new user (SIM) provisioning on the network, in either single or batch format.

Advanced UX & API Interface

AI-ML powered dashboard with integrated analytics for end-user management, and RESTful APIs for automation and enhanced services.

RAN, CORE, Device, and 3rd Party Applications Management

Support to manage network growth and performance, new feature enablement, preventative maintenance, KPI monitoring, and technology upgrades. End-to-end management of RAN, Core, devices, and 3rd party apps to ensure the entire network solution scales as per evolving need

Cloud/Edge Performance Management

Support to monitor and analyze the performance of enterprise applications and services running in the cloud or at the network edge to ensure optimal Quality of Service (QoS).

Our purpose-built solutions manage growing network complexities and build high-performance Private 5G networks.

Cloud Solutions

Adept at crafting cloud solutions that address complex challenges, we deliver globally applicable applications that operate seamlessly across mobile and web interfaces.

Edge Solutions

Our edge solutions enable testing, measurement, and validation of both user and edge server performance, optimizing network performance.

AI-ML Network Performance Management

Utilizing our in-house advanced AI-ML tools, we leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to address end-to-end network issues quickly and efficiently.

Network Slicing

Involves establishing an Adaptation Layer for efficient Slicing Management and integrating it seamlessly with the CSMF/NSMF system, streamlining slicing management operations.


End-to-end integration of ROS nodes/microROS nodes across 5G MEC, employing architecture approaches with ROS2, micro-ROS, and RTOS development on Zephyr/NuTtx and FreeRTOS.

Amantya’s Enterprise 5G Deployment Models

Private 5G Deployment Models

Amantya's Astra5G Offers You

Private Coverage

Only the enterprise’s devices can use the network, guaranteeing high performance


Contains all components required to run an enterprise network – RAN, Core, UPF


Encrypted Signaling and Network Exposure for better security


3GPP standards-based RAN and Core

High Performance

40 Gbps Aggregated Data Throughput

Easy Integration

Easily integrable with 3rd party gNodeB vendors and Qualcomm-powered UES


Multiple deployment methods to enable better flexibility

Interactive GUI-Based Interface

Highly interactive interface making it easy to manage & monitor enterprise 5G network

Advanced Features

Supports Network Slicing, Quality of Service (QoS), and Service Data Flow (SDF)

Use Cases

Astra5G will create unprecedented opportunities for enterprises to generate and deliver new services and experiences to their customers. Listed below are some of the use cases it supports.

use case

  • AR/VR Applications
  • Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) for seamless mobility
  • Robotics for process automation and precision control
  • Ultra-fast software downloads

  • Asset & Workforce Tracking
  • Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) for seamless mobility
  • Workflow automation
  • Predictive management

  • Enhanced AR/VR applications
  • Remote healthcare/Telemedicine
  • Ultra-fast connectivity in dense environments
  • Enhanced video streaming
  • Facility/patient monitoring/security

  • Prototype new use cases, devices, applications, and services across industries
  • Hands-on 5G learning experiences with real-world applications
  • Unlock new job and research opportunities
  • Test robots, AGVs, drones, connected cameras, and more
  • Local and affordable access to 5G test environment for startups and MSMEs

  • Ultra-fast connectivity in dense environments
  • Enhanced video streaming and AR/VR applications
  • Better security via wireless cameras and sensors
  • Enhanced Wi-Fi services using 5G for wireless backhaul

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