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Amantya covers the entire spectrum of cloud development capabilities. So, wherever you are in your cloud journey - assessing the cloud, planning to modernize your digital ecosystem, or transforming your existing cloud architecture – Amantya can help. We partner with you to create a holistic cloud strategy and build a clear roadmap that is fully customizable and scalable to fit your unique business needs. Our cloud services and solutions are designed to simplify, streamline, and accelerate your cloud transformation.

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Our End-to-End Cloud Services

We understand and leverage the importance of a hybrid, multi-cloud approach. Our cloud services are designed to ensure you maximize the opportunities the cloud presents and manage your data, infrastructure, and applications securely and efficiently, irrespective of the cloud environment.


Cloud Discovery & Roadmap

Streamline cloud adoption and transformation based on an in-depth analysis of the current environment, possible opportunities, risks, and limitations using tried and tested technologies.


Cloud Migration & Deployment

We combine exhaustive practical experience with technological expertise to determine the best migration strategy based on business objectives and a future-proof roadmap.


Cloud Applications & Platforms

We help you leverage Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms like Office, SharePoint and CRM for process automation, business productivity and maximizing ROI.


Cloud Integration & Orchestration

We help you manage the core infrastructure & workflows across cloud environments and unite several independent automation processes into a cohesive system for effective infrastructure management.


Cloud Management & Maintenance

Our DevOps methodology increases speed and agility, helping our clients scale and flex rapidly to stay relevant in the evolving marketplace.


Cloud Governance & Security

Our data management services comprise continuous monitoring, performance optimization, risk assessment, and data protection, and enabling secure & smooth data transfer.

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We work with you to design robust and cost-effective cloud solutions to build a flexible and scalable cloud ecosystem tailored to your needs, supporting your business goals and allowing you to focus on driving growth & delivering value.

  • Help you predict and capitalize on market opportunities and evolving competitive realities, having an in-depth understanding of your business
  • Flexible pricing, integration, delivery, and management models
  • Rapid and secure cloud deployments configured to specific business needs
  • Continuous involvement from planning to execution and after support
  • Leverage any cloud computing solutions on your chosen service platform
  • Modernize and simplify complex cloud infrastructures with predictive analytics

Co-create robust and scalable cloud solutions to drive digital transformation

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Industries We Support

We leverage our end-to-end cloud services, industry-specific expertise, advanced cloud technologies, and global reach to make the cloud a realistic game-changing opportunity for all industries.

Store inventory and additional data in one easily accessible location to simplify operations and boost customer service quality. Streamline and process large volumes of data generated by connected vehicles and integrate in-vehicle apps with automotive cloud services

Unify and streamline data across the supply chain and leverage advanced cloud capabilities like Big Data and AI ML to extract maximum value for the customers and drive business growth. Track performance of outlets based on specific factors to improve efficiency, sales, and customer satisfaction.

Use healthcare regulations compliant cloud services to store and track patient data in a centralized, secure, and easily accessible location. Have quick access to patient data like symptoms, treatment, behavior, and health prognosis to correlate scenarios, improve collaboration, and get actionable insights, improving patient outcomes.

Accelerate the rollout of next-gen telecom services, cut costs, achieve service elasticity, and rationalize VNF onboarding and deployment by migrating to cloud-native architecture and leveraging a microservices-based approach.

Collate, process, and analyze multiple sets of data collectively, to accelerate the transition to smarter fleet management while also enhancing and streamlining transportation and logistics services.

Enable an agile approach to manufacturing with on-demand availability of data and expanded analytics capabilities. Power Industry 4.0 technologies like AI ML and IIoT connectivity with reliable data storage and information processing abilities.

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