Simplifying Residential FWA Setup 

5G Core


Amantya LiFiLink is a device utilising the LiFi Technology and it streamlines the setup process for residential Fixed
Wireless Access (FWA), effortlessly overcoming common installation challenges such as drilling, deployment costs,
cable breakage, power connection issues etc.     

FWA Installation Challenges

Icon Deployment Cost 

    Sending Installation Engineers to customer premises is an expensive and time-consuming proposition

Icon Water Leakage 

    Drilled areas around walls may leak

Icon Wall/Roof Drilling

    FWA installation may require drilling across walls or roof for fixing antenna or other accessories.

Icon Power Connection 

    Powering up device requires installation of sockets and laying of cables

Icon Cable Breakage

    Bends around windows cause cable breakage

Amantya’s FWA LiFi Link

Amantya FWA LiFiLink simplifies residential FWA
installation with no drilling and wireless power
transfer, streamlining setup and reducing costs.

  • LiFiLink employs LiFi for communication between
    Outdoor and Indoor Units.

  • Wireless power transfer is utilized between the

  • The Outdoor Unit links to an external antenna,
    while the Indoor Unit connects to a Fixed Wireless
    Access (FWA) device.

Use Cases

Broadband/FWA/Router Installation

Connect Outdoor Antenna within House Router/Small Cell via LiFiLink Units

  • No Drilling Required
  • Easier Maintenance
  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Secure Connection
LiFiLink Units can transfer power via Light waves
  • Avoid complex Electrical Wiring
  • Integrated Communication & Power transfer
  • Power Low Powered IoT/LiFi devices
  • Reduced EM Interference
  • Environment Friendly
Connecting Multiple Homes – Point to Multi Point
  • Connect Multiple Small cells/ FWA with Single Tower
  • Connect multiple Home Devices
  • Easier Last Mile connectivity
  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • No interference among signals
  • Cheaper to maintain

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