5G Labs – Catalysts for Innovations in 5G

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5G Labs – Catalysts for Innovations in 5G

5G, the fifth generation of mobile communication systems, will impact our lives in more ways than any other wireless technology has done in the past. Gigabit speeds, much lower lag time, more capacity, and better coverage, the hallmarks of 5G, will help deliver next-generation networks that will transform the way we live, work and play.

As telecom networks transition from 4G to cloud-native 5G, telco players are also evolving their products/ solutions from traditional to virtualized networks functions (VNFs), the backbone of the next-gen technology. 5G-powered networks comprise diverse combinations of cloud-native VFNs, together with multiple deployment options and an agile services delivery model.

Therefore, to stay competitive in this complex and disruptive landscape, the telcos must not only accelerate their products/solutions go-to-market but also ensure these deliver the utmost end-user experience. For that, they require a dynamic testing and optimization environment that simulates the real-time field deployment before the product/solution’s commercial launch. Telcos need a test partner who can set up and support various testing environments by bringing in ready-to-use automated test solutions to ensure faster field rollouts.

This need has given rise to 5G Labs.

5G Labs – An Overview

Hailed as catalysts for innovation, 5G labs offer organizations across industries the opportunity to explore, design, develop, test, optimize, integrate, deploy and put 5G at the core of their business.

5G labs bring together telecom operators, developers, OEMs, platform providers, and the broader telecom ecosystem to accelerate the adoption of an open, multi-vendor ecosystem. They hold the key to providing system integration services and validating different solutions developed by the telcos and network market vendors, both hardware and software to help build end-to-end solutions across industries.

5G labs provide design, development, prototyping, and a testing & validation environment to enable new network virtualization and 5G deployments. They offer platforms and solutions with demonstrated capabilities to simulate real-time field scenarios for testing next-gen products/ solutions before they hit the market.

How 5G labs Add Value to the Telecom Ecosystem

  • Acquire a purpose-built, open platform for 5G with minimal investment
  • Ability to scale as per demands of an evolving 5G landscape
  • Help telcos speed up 5G adoption and generate new revenue streams faster by getting hands-on experience with the latest 5G innovations in a live test environment
  • Telcos, vendors, and platform providers can collaborate to test, optimize and validate their technologies as a single solution
  • Enable telcos and partners to pre-integrate their solutions and accelerate the drive to mass-scale deployments and monetization 5G networks
  • Allows telcos to work with any independent software vendor (ISV) or solution provider to create customized testing solutions for specific industry verticals and use cases
  • Drive efficiencies and reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Accelerate go-to-market
  • Minimize user churn, increase the rate of adoption and enhance the end-user experience

To Sum Up

5G standards are designed to help telcos build scalable 5G networks using open and cloud-native platforms that utilize modular components, software, and hardware, from different vendors. It enables them to deploy new 5G products/ solutions faster, more securely, and with greater flexibility. This represents a paradigm shift from the hitherto vertically integrated legacy systems. To embrace this shift, the telcos must align with partners that demonstrate performance and interoperability in a live, real-time test environment. 5G labs are innovation hubs that foster such partnerships by creating a dynamic testing environment where telecom players and their collaborators can come together to test, validate and integrate 5G network solutions.

The Amantya Factor

We have the technological and the people expertise and provide end-to-end solutions to help our clients build state-of-the-art 5G labs and ride the wave of this disruptive technology.

As a product engineering and systems integration company, Amantya specializes in building 5G based solutions for our customers that span across Radio Access Network (RAN)Core, Management, and Orchestration to simplify functions across hybrid and multi-vendor environments. Our standards-based  5G Core (5G SA Core)  can be used for simulation use cases, and any kind of compliance and conformance testing of third-party components such as RAN and other core components.

We also run end-to-end integration projects for 5G based solutions and build MEC applications. We do all this and more (using solution accelerators and services), helping telecom customers get to market faster with new products and solutions, gaining the first-mover advantage, and generating new revenue streams.

Is your product/ solution or its prototype ready for 5G deployment? Want to test it to see how it fares against 5G standards? Get in touch at connect@amantyatech.com. Our deep domain expertise and ready-to-deploy next-gen solutions will help supercharge your 5G journey