Build Future-Ready Products Using Innovative Product Engineering Services

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Build Future-Ready Products Using Innovative Product Engineering Services

Dynamic and ever-evolving consumption patterns, driven primarily by an increasingly aware and demanding consumer, have led to a sea change in the way products and services are delivered and consumed. Technology is at the front and center of this change. It’s the force that has made this change possible. Rising demand for ‘as-a-service’ models has led to an urgent need to adapt and integrate new technologies into the solutions.

With digitization a reality in today’s technology-driven world, product development companies are increasingly embracing an all-new approach to product and services’ development lifecycle with new and diverse collaboration models for co-innovation and co-engineering. They no longer need the right technical expertise or domain experience to develop innovative and profitable products and services. Instead of relying on in-house talent and resources, which require huge investments of time and money, they can leverage the expertise of Product Engineering Service (PES) providers.

Product Engineering Services – An Overview

Product engineering involves devising the logistical and practical aspects of how a product or service will be manufactured. It refers to ideating, designing, developing, testing, deploying, and maintaining a software product or service with the help of software, hardware, and other IT solutions.

Product engineering services denote consulting services involving various hardware, software, and IT services solutions for the design and development of products and services. These encompass the entire product lifecycle – from ideation to the launch, after support and re-engineering.

PES providers are the ideal partners that, apart from leveraging the above skillsets, help organizations transform their legacy systems while sustaining their core business strengths. They help companies across industries leverage new technologies to build great products and accelerate time-to-market.

Factors Driving the Growth of Product Engineering Services Market 

“The Product Engineering Services market will exhibit a CAGR of 10.36% for the forecast period of 2021-2028, resulting in a market value of USD 1935.10 billion by 2028.”


– Data Bridge Market Research


Among the primary factors bolstering the growth of the product engineering services market are:

  • Introduction of utility-based software delivery models & web 2.0 technologies
  • Growing adoption of cloud-based solutions and services by organizations, both small and medium scale
  • Increasing focus on cutting down deployment costs and downtime by adopting new engineering and digital technology models
  • Increased demand for solutions and services that reduce the timeframe of IT operations
  • Growing adoption of advanced technologies like IoT and AI
  • Increasing R&D proficiency in small and medium enterprises
  • The growing convergence of emerging technologies
  • A rise in demand for operational excellence

How PES Providers Add Value to Your Products’ Lifecycle Journey

Here are a few reasons why you should engage with a product engineering service provider

  • Accelerates go-to-market while reducing user churn and enhancing user experience
  • Gives you the bandwidth to focus on core competencies
  • Helps you gain expertise in a new technology domain without incurring huge investments, both in time and money
  • Enables the transformation of legacy services and products to give a competitive edge
  • Enables system interoperability by working across a host of third-party platforms
  • Builds agility to respond in real-time to customer needs
  • Safeguards your intellectual property (IP)

Final Thoughts

Yes, the trick to getting to the top of a tall and steep building is to go one step at a time. But futuristic enterprises realize that to fast track their technology roadmap they must elevate their capabilities rapidly. And for that, they must collaborate and co-innovate. This has led to an exponential increase in demand for product engineering service providers. They help customers focus on their core business processes while adding immense value at every stage of the product’s lifecycle. Outsourcing product engineering services help reduce manufacturing and services costs and reduces time-to-market, and helps businesses become competitive and disruptive in hitherto unimaginable ways.

The Amantya Factor

Driven by an intrinsic innovative culture, Amantya’s product engineering services combine core engineering expertise, a robust ecosystem of product and technology vendor partnerships, and a sharp focus on digital innovations to transform a product’s vision into a successful real-world design. Our solutions, accelerators (developed in-house), and proven methodologies reduce product risks while ensuring faster time-to-market.

Our cutting-edge services encompass the entire product development life cycle. These include intensive research and analysis, Technology Stack Selection, complex hardware & software design, UI/UX designs, Cloud, IoT, web & mobile apps, testing & validation, Fully Managed Development Cycle, Product Lifecycle Management. We strive to help you achieve the best performance while incurring a minimum cost while providing support right from product ideation to its launch and after support.

Interested to know more? Talk to us about your new project. Partner with us and experience the difference.

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