Network in a Box

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Network in a Box

Need access to an emergency network in a disaster scenario? Want to create a pop-up network on the go?

Invest in a Network in a Box. Connect it to the Ethernet, and you have an entire 5G network up and running in no time!

What is 5G Network in a Box ?

Network in a Box (NIB) is a custom bundled, wireless solution that comes preconfigured, assembled and set up for usage. It is designed as a ready-to-use single portable device that contains all software and hardware components required to deploy a pop-up network on the go for identified end-users.

Network in a Box (NIB) essentially contains a 5G core, and RAN (Radio Access Network) put together in an easily portable box that can be connected to an infrastructure to have an entire 5G network up and running in no time with minimum integration efforts. The various components in Network in a Box (NIB) communicate with each other while accessing the internet through a core network in the NIB. Furthermore, the easy transportability of Network in a Box (NIB) ensures that a network can be deployed and moved anywhere anytime using an on-demand model to enable “build your one coverage” as a “do-it-yourself” solution.

network in a box

network in a box

It can be used in scenarios like PPDR (Public Protection and Disaster Relief), enterprises, lab setups for simulation use cases and private networks, etc.

Network in a Box: Enabling Connectivity On-the-Go

5G New Radio is gradually being rolled out globally, and new cellular generations will further enable a quantum leap towards a fully digitalized society. 5G and ensuing wireless communication generations will successively connect everything, alleviating the digital divide globally. To achieve this, networks must be organized, enhanced, and integrated on an on-demand model. Network in a Box (NIB) is a disruptive solution most suitable to meet the escalating demand for creating on-demand networks, characterized by easy deployment, interoperability with third-party network entities, and technological diversity. Network in a Box (NIB) caters to one of the primary requirements of network in a box use cases – Network flexibility. It is indeed the ideal “do-it-yourself” solution for creating networks on the go.

Amantya’s 5G Network in a Box

Amantya’s Network in a Box (NiaB) is an all-in-one ready-to-deploy solution that comes pre-integrated with a fully-functional  5G Core (5G SA Core) and FR1 RAN. The compact and portable NiaB is 3GPP standards-compliant and has an entire 5G network up and running quickly as it can integrate with any standards-compliant third-party solution with minimal configuration efforts. A robust solution, it has an intuitive GUI-based interface and supports multiple bands using software-defined radio. Its standards interface enables easy integration with commercial UEs.

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Want to know more about 5G Network in a Box? Upcoming blogs will explore the Benefits of Network in a Box (NIB) & its Use Cases. Stay Tuned.