Amantya’s 5G Core | What Makes it Ideal for Building Private Networks

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Amantya’s 5G Core | What Makes it Ideal for Building Private Networks

5G isn’t just the next ‘G’ of telecommunications. It marks an entirely new generation of unprecedented revenue opportunities, operational excellence, consumer and enterprise services, cost efficiencies, and transforming customer experiences.

One can already experience the excitement around the new use cases in these domains being launched globally. More and more enterprises are exploring deploying private 5G networks for increased control & security, reliable coverage, and better preparedness for emerging next-gen technologies.

Amantya Technologies’ fully virtualized, containerized, and optimized 5G Standalone Core solution has been developed to help enterprises across industries harness the exciting new opportunities that Private 5G is creating. It integrates the right components across the value chain to give businesses what they need to improve productivity & profitability, value to customers, enable new offerings and solutions, and enhance employee engagement.

Amantya 5G SA Core - Overview

Amantya's Standalone (SA) 5G Core is the brain and the pulse of the 5G network and acts as an enabler for next-gen 5G applications and services. It has been developed from the ground up using Service-Based Architecture. It helps create highly scalable networks that can run on-premise or in any cloud environment – public, private, or hybrid. Compliant with 3GPP standards, it is built using microservices methodologies and has a high-performance User Plane Function. Fully virtualized, containerized, and optimized, our 5G SA core network is ideal for public deployments and building innovative and scalable Private 5G networks. It powers enterprises across industries looking for network solutions that cater to their unique business requirements and accelerate their digital transformation.



Why is Amantya’s 5G SA Core ideally suited to build Private 5G networks?

  • Contains a high-performance User Plane Function optimized to meet the higher performance requirements of 5G networks

  • Supports the Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) requirements of 5G, including low latency, dense connectivity, high bandwidth, and multi-tenancy, ensuring higher throughput and improved latency
  • Supports 40 Gbps aggregated throughput
  • On-premise and on-cloud deployment for enhanced security
  • Can be deployed on the company’s existing hardware infrastructure on-prem
  • Offers the option of being pre-integrated with Amantya’s in-house advanced RAN solution. Alternatively, it can be integrated with any third-party 3GPP standards-compliant RAN stack
  • Ideal for industry 4.0, campus, and other enterprises
  • Integrates easily with MEC (Multi-Access Edge Computing), allowing our customers to move from concept to design to modernization quickly
  • Can be deployed and scaled on any public or private cloud environment
  • Enabled on AWS (Amazon Web Services) platform as a SaaS based Core-as-a-Service solution available on convenient and flexible subscription plans
  • Provides APIs for third party integration

Key Highlights of Amantya’s 5G SA Core

Zero Touch Service Orchestration

Provides end-to-end zero touch service orchestration, automation, and scaling of the network

Kubernetes Management

The 5G SA core components are deployed in containers as N+K redundant systems, which are fully managed by Kubernetes’ dynamically orchestrated microservices


Supports interoperability with the best-in-class third-party gNodeB vendors and Qualcomm-powered UEs

Supports 5G New Radio (NR)

Delivers cost, efficiency, and performance improvements over previous generations of wireless technology

Network Visibility

Builds self-assured networks that provide complete visibility with built-in monitoring, tracing, and alerting over network performance and management

Cloud-Native Architecture

Built on 3GPPstandards compliant cloud-native, microservices architecture to maximize performance and minimize TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

Flexible Deployment

Can run/ deploy anywhere in the network from core to edge and in public, hybrid, or private cloud environments

Zero Downtime

Ensures no service disruptions or downtime when adding new features or functionalities

Network Slicing

Enables independent scalability and flexible deployment and configuration of the network as per the needs of different services

Quality of Services

Ensure Quality of Service (QoS) by mapping packets to appropriate QoS flows

Virtual Network Function (VNF)

Supports the virtualization of network functions, increasing network scalability and agility and eliminating the need for expensive purpose-built hardware


There is no doubt that Private 5G-powered networks and services will revolutionize the communications networking landscape more than any other previous generations of mobile technology. They will significantly enhance speed, responsiveness, and coverage of wireless networks and unlock new use cases like high-definition and 3D videos, AR VR, interactive television, robotics, autonomous vehicles, remote healthcare, and smart manufacturing. Amantya’s 5G SA Core solution differentiates itself in its ability to deliver high-performance bespoke 5G network solutions. So, if you want to run a secure and dynamic 5G network on-premise, test or deploy new services or enter new markets in weeks, even days, vis-a-vis months, that too with increased service velocity, Amantya’s 5G SA Core is the answer. It minimizes the cost and risks of deploying new services and unlocking new opportunities for small organizations and enterprises already struggling to be profitable with legacy networks.

Want to know more about Amantya’s 5G SA Core Network and how it can help build state-of-the-art Enterprise 5G networks? Get in touch Our team would be happy to take you through the solution in detail.