How 5G Enhances Employee Productivity | Empower Your Workforce

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How 5G Enhances Employee Productivity | Empower Your Workforce

Ensuring your workforce is productive while remaining motivated is not a mean task and goes beyond facilitating mobile tools. It’s about making them feel more connected and empowered while working at home or in the office. And that’s exactly what 5G is achieving. 5G, with much higher data rates, lower latency, and increased capacity, can help with options to connect a variety of devices or provide mass capacity and low lag. 5G business solutions help connect coworkers, keeping them aligned and clued into what the others are doing. These also enable sharing large files quickly and seamless collaboration across geographies.

Igniting Workplace Productivity and Innovation With 5G

5G offers higher capacity, lightning speed, and ultra-low latency – ideal for running a successful modern business. Therefore, to stay ahead of the curve, businesses of all sizes need to understand the opportunities that 5G presents. They must leverage these to improve existing business models and/or create new opportunities.

Six Ways 5G Help Improve Workforce Productivity

1. Enhances employee experiences

Designed to be dramatically faster than 4G, the ultra-high speeds offered by 5G can transform employee experiences. A video download that takes minutes with 4G gets done within seconds with 5G. Media files can be streamed quickly with virtually no time lags. Immersive AR VR and other advanced technologies could become the norm of presentations, taking employee and customer experiences to the next level. Some of these are already being done by 4G, but 5G will enhance them and make them available to a larger audience. It will give organizations with a creative and employee & customer-centric approach an opportunity to simplify the process of growing the business.

2. Facilitate smoother online collaboration

Increasingly, video collaboration platforms are making it simpler to connect employees across the company, in different departments in the same building, in other locations

locally, or even across cities and continents. 5G helps improve this experience by making participation smoother and glitch-free.

3. Improves training and on-the-job feedback

5G enhances team performance by unlocking newer, more exciting ways to train people. 5G’s higher bandwidth, supported by its power to use AR VR to deliver more immersive experiences, can enhance on-the-job training immensely by providing the inputs the employees need to do their job better.

4. Powers AR VR to empower employees

AR VR is a powerful tool for enhancing employee productivity. As business use cases for harnessing AR VR in day-to-day business operations continue to grow, they will only fructify with a technology that can guarantee high-definition content, at a high frame rate, without perceptible delay. 5G has that power. It can deliver wirelessly and way beyond what Wi-Fi networks can support, infusing true mobility even in the most sophisticated VR use case.

5. Enables secure & efficient document sharing

Continuous and meaningful collaboration is at the heart of business productivity. While secure file sharing applications are now in place for many businesses, replacing the legacy, on-premise servers, workforce productivity is still dependent on the speed at which they can access, share or download a file. 5G makes that possible. One can quickly and securely download or upload large files such as videos, PDFs, 3D formats, or image files, allowing the staff to work more efficiently with fewer bottlenecks.

6. Delivers better connected and smarter devices

Employees are not the only ones creating and accessing data. The Internet of Things (IoT) allows businesses to use new data and devices. A growing range of diverse internet-powered devices, machinery, and sensors areused in most modern workplaces. 5G connects virtually everything. All these can benefit greatly from 5G’s high speed, massive capacity, and low latency to access and share data effectively and keep the entire workforce productive.

To Sum Up

Increasingly, business productivity and employee productivity are converging. The employees’ ability to access information, communicate and collaborate directly impacts an organization’s bottom line. Faster speeds, larger capacities, and ultra-low latency, the hallmark of 5G, unleashes a massive opportunity for organizations to develop innovative ideas, new services and products, and new business models. Not only does 5G boost innovation, but it also helps businesses with how they work – and serve their customers. In short, 5G is poised to transform how we work, stay connected, and thrive in the business world.

Accelerate the testing & validation of productivity enhancing use cases with Amantya’s Homegrown 5G Lab Solution

To truly benefit from the above use cases, they must leverage the power of 5G fully and deliver immersive and flawless digital experiences. More so in the current era of complex ecosystems and high consumer expectations where the slightest aberration can risk losing the competitive edge, innovation, market opportunity, customers, and revenue. Therefore, the pivotal role of comprehensive and intelligent testing in ensuring Quality of Experience (QoE) and Quality of Service (QoS) at every stage of 5G, from development to deployment, cannot be stressed enough. Amantya's state-of-the-art 5G Lab Solution, built using our latest unique offering, 5G Network-in-a-Box, is a one-stop solution to test and optimize 5G products in a live test environment. It is a proving ground for organizations to pre-validate their solutions to current 3GPP standards, and test them for interoperability with third-party integrations, helping speed up the innovation cycle and reducing time-to-market.

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