The Growing need for 5G Testbeds for Testing and Demonstrating 5G features and Use Cases

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The Growing need for 5G Testbeds for Testing and Demonstrating 5G features and Use Cases

Unlike the previous generations of wireless technology, 5G promises to up the game by transforming more than just smartphones. It promises to usher in a new paradigm in the global telecom space. It promises unparalleled connectivity for smart machines, AR VR (Augmented Reality Virtual Reality) applications, V2X, Robotics, and many more innovative use cases. This means an unprecedented number of devices other than smartphones will connect to a 5G network. This further translates the need that 5G should be a network of connected machines and not just people. Therefore, testing new 5G use cases, features, and solutions before their commercial roll-out becomes a crucial aspect of innovation. Small scale testing preceding the launch of a new 5G use case, product, or solution identifies and resolves potential bottlenecks, and facilitates innovation.

Testing 5G use cases, products, and solutions in a controlled environment, or 5G Testbeds, is vital for facilitating large-scale rollout and mass adoption. And the need is now growing exponentially.

What are 5G Testbeds?

5G testbed is a versatile platform for industry, academia, and the government bodies to test, demonstrate and validate their products, services, prototypes, and algorithms before commercial roll-out. It is designed to foster collaboration and capability development for 5G technologies and use cases, helping accelerate the ecosystem’s growth.

5G testbed encompasses all major subsystems of a 5G network to test and validate mature R&D initiatives and facilitate translation, acting as a catalyst for the 5G ecosystem by promoting interoperability and fostering innovation.

5G Testbeds are expected to go a long way in promoting the development of the 5G ecosystem globally. These provide a crucial step in the life of 5G technology – moving from algorithm and simulation levels to a realization scenario.

Specialists test machine-to-machine 5G communication in a 5G testbed environment before release to the larger public. This gives them an understanding and view of how the network/solution/application is performing in a reasonable approximation of the real-world scenario.

Why are 5G Testbeds Required?

Well, there is a simple rationale for this.

Evolving beyond the previous generations of wireless, 5G dramatically expands the range of radio frequencies, relies on decentralized computing, and deploys cloud-based computing. All these new technologies underpin entirely new applications and services. Therefore, testing and proving grounds are vital to leveraging the newly spawned applications, services, and use cases. Every telecom operator, equipment manufacturer, and service provider – basically every stakeholder – is on a mission to develop next-gen 5G technologies and accelerate the go-to-market. Therefore, no one can afford to be left behind, and 5G Testbeds are the perfect proving ground.

Key Objectives of the 5G Testbeds

· Enable early prototyping and experimentation of new 5G features and use cases

· Help the industry understand the inherent challenges involved in deploying new 5G technologies and how to overcome them

· Test and validate advanced R&D initiatives, facilitate translation and move ideas toward commercial viability

· Drive innovation and economic benefits for individual stakeholders as well as the world market

· Accelerate deployment of 5G technologies and infrastructure, triggering market development

· Create new opportunities for businesses and develop capabilities & skills

· Develop the 5G research and startup ecosystem worldwide

· Provide the telecom industry an open platform to experiment and innovate

· Help secure early mover advantage as future 5G solutions and applications evolve

· Allow technology companies to leverage the testbed to integrate the new features, functionalities, and capabilities of 5G to unlock new use cases and spawn new products and solutions

· Enhance global capabilities not just in the telecom sector but across industries

· Support unparalleled digital learning, research, and development opportunities for students, educators, institutions, and other R&D bodies

To Conclude

Burgeoning demand for greater bandwidths, ever-faster speeds, and near-zero downtime continues to drive service providers to invest in the 5G evolution. However, they require robust testing protocols and assurance of increasingly complex 5G architectures to deliver optimal network performance and service quality. Therefore, to realize the potential that 5G offers, we must test, experiment, and push the boundaries of what these networks can do. We need fertile ground for fostering innovation. We need 5G Testbeds – a versatile playground for testing and demonstrating 5G features and use cases.

Amantya’s 5G Lab Solution

Amantya’s 5G Lab solution is an end-to-end 5G testing & simulation platform to address the needs of the growing 5G products and solutions market. Leveraging Amantya’s 5G lab solution, telecom operators, device manufacturers, network equipment providers, and independent software vendors can validate and integrate 5G products and applications in a real 5G radio environment to accelerate end-user adoption. We have deployed our latest 5G innovation, a unique all-in-one 5G Network-in-a-Box (NIAB), to build the 5G lab solution.

Amantya’s 5G NIAB is a plug & play solution, ideal for creating 5G testing & simulation environments. It comes pre-integrated with a fully-functional 5G Core (5G SA Core) and high-performing Radio Access Network (FR1 RAN). The compact and portable NIAB is 3GPP Rel 15 standards-compliant (Rel 16 in the roadmap) and can have an entire 5G network up and running within minutes. It can operate in different deployment modes and supports multiple frequency bands within the FR1 range, making it suitable for various use cases in testing and simulation. A robust solution with a GUI-based intuitive and interactive user interface, Amantya’s NIAB supports multiple bands using software-defined radio and enables easy integration with commercial UEs.

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