Test & Integrate 5G Installations | Accelerate 5G Rollouts with Core-as-a-Service

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Test & Integrate 5G Installations | Accelerate 5G Rollouts with Core-as-a-Service

5G is poised to revolutionize the tech landscape. As organizations up their game and race to develop and deploy innovative 5G services, validating performance, capacity, and compliance capabilities is crucial to the successful deployment of the 5G core. Typically, this process is time-consuming and costly, taking months of manually developing test cases that must comply with the evolving 3GPP standards. Furthermore, building a core takes a huge amount of time and capital expenditure. All this can delay the launch of new services and revenue streams, resulting in organizations missing an opportunity to gain a competitive edge.

That’s where Core-as-a-Service (CaaS), a Saas-based model, comes in to save the day(s)! It helps simplify, automate and quicken the validation processes, thereby helping telcos save time and money while ensuring QoS (quality of service) and compliance with the 3GPP standards.

Spin-up New Proofs, Test & Integrate 5G Installations and Accelerate 5G Rollouts with Core-as-a-Service

Core-as-a-service leverages cloud-native technologies to help service providers, OEMs, and enterprises build and deploy 5G networks and seamlessly integrate with standards-based third-party solutions. It uniquely delivers a cloud-native 5G SA core on a high-performing public cloud platform, enabling service providers and enterprises to quickly innovate new products, services, and solutions without having to go for any major technology upgrades. Core-as-a-service helps move legacy systems to a new and modern platform that supports innovation at any scale and any pace. It simplifies the process of testing 5G installations, spinning up new PoC (Proof of Concept), and accelerates the rollout of 5G in private setups by network operators, vendors, and enterprises.

Core-as-a-Service is a subscription-based service-oriented model designed to accelerate service providers’ path to revenue generation and redefined user experiences. It fundamentally reduces the initial Capex investment required for 5G while accelerating time-to-market and significantly reducing costs associated with 5G validation. An on-demand service offering options to map specific needs and use, CaaS provides its customers the freedom to scale from nominal to advanced 5G features via flexible time-based subscription plans.

Listed below are a few salient features of the core-as-a-service model.

Key Features of Core-as-a-Service

  • Cloud-native and built without layers of legacy technology, making it globally accessible, highly scalable, and cost-effective
  • Reduces capital, infrastructure costs, developmental and maintenance costs
  • Compliant with 3GPP Rel-15 standards, with Rel-16 in the roadmap
  • Containerized applications designed to deploy seamlessly into a high-performing cloud
  • Available on flexible & convenient subscription plans
  • Easy & quick to deploy. Is up and running in hours. Simply log in, choose a network and deploy
  • Deployed on AWS, ensuring global reach. Accessible anytime, from anywhere
  • Extensible, allowing service providers to rapidly and easily modify the core as per need
  • Delivers faster time-to-market and faster integration with third-party products or/and services
  • A platform for innovating and migrating while evolving at one’s own pace. Innovate when you want, how you want
  • On-demand scalability, allowing the network to be scaled up or down as per need
  • Upgraded and updated automatically without affecting existing functions
  • Keeps data secure by deploying a private UPF (User Plane Function) to route it back to the private network
  • Minimizes hardware requirement as all SaaS software is hosted remotely
  • Requires minimal maintenance by doing away with the hassle of installing, maintaining, and updating software

To Sum Up

From complex new technologies and multi-vendor environments to frequent 5G product releases, continuous innovation and continuous deployment (CI/CD) models are the need-of-the-hour to manage and streamline the speed, volume, and demand for testing. So, Be Inventive. Cut out the cost & complexities of testing and validating 5G setups. Test a new value proposition, or reach a new market segment faster with a product portfolio that runs on a lean, agile core and is available on a high-performing on-demand core-as-a-service model.

The Amantya Factor

Amantya Technologies’ Core-as-a-Service model is consumption-based and built for speed. It provides an agile and cost-effective platform for network operators, OEMs, and enterprises looking to test their wares in a live 5G test environment and get to market faster. Enabled on AWS (Amazon Web Services) platform, our SaaS-based solution allows the usage of the core by offering convenient and flexible subscription plans. It is ideal for customers that want to use it for simulation test cases to determine the efficacy and interoperability of their network products and have infrequent and non-voluminous usage patterns.

Want to test and integrate your innovative 5G solutions? But don’t have the time, need, or monies to build a cloud-native core? Talk to us! We have just the solution for you. Contact us – connect@amantyatech.com