Indoor RTLS: Your One-Stop Solution to Boost Business Productivity

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Indoor RTLS: Your One-Stop Solution to Boost Business Productivity

Do you have Visibility?


Your Processes

Your Assets

Your Workforce

At any given time, can you see what’s going on within your facility? Do you know whether the workflows are on schedule? Or if there are any bottlenecks in the processes? The location of an urgently required consignment or high-value assets? Or, where are your key staff or visitors?

There are enough situations when complete visibility of assets and workforce is vital for the operations’ accountability, safety, and security. So, how does one ensure visibility? From all emerging technologies, Real-Time Location System (RTLS) is poised to be the most efficient, versatile, and effective.


What is an Indoor Real-Time Location System?

RTLS is a next-gen technology used for monitoring the status and movement of people and things in indoor environments. These solutions can locate and track anything, anyone within a specific zone covered by radiofrequency. An RTLS requires no manual intervention and updates information automatically as people and assets move anywhere in the facility. An advanced RTLS software program can also be integrated with other systems throughout a facility to enhance automation and safety further.

Over and above improving the visibility of assets and people, a real-time tracking solution boosts operation forecast accuracy, allowing data collection to predict trends and behavior.


How Does an RTLS Work?

Real-time location solutions are a harmonious blend of hardware and software to create an enclosed indoor positioning mesh network. Various technologies are used to deliver an RTLS, including Wi-Fi, infrared, Bluetooth, ultrasound, and other radio frequency systems. The wireless network is created by placing active RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) readers at critical points within and surrounding a facility. The BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology creates a network of Bluetooth devices and IoT gateways to triangulate the location and proximity of each active device on-premise. Information like live location, device owner, device status, IoT sensor output, and battery life is transmitted to a secure cloud-based platform via Wi-Fi. It also triggers quick alerts in case of any aberrations.

Indoor RTLS

Where is the RTLS Market Headed?

According to Research and Markets, the global RTLS market will grow at a phenomenal 22.5% by 2023. Retail, manufacturing, automotive, and healthcare industries are currently prime adopters of cutting-edge technology, and the list is growing as we speak. With an increasing need to meet the more stringent government regulations and stay ahead of the growing competition, more and more businesses are adopting real-time tracking solutions to streamline processes.


Why You Need an RTLS

Controlling hundreds and thousands of assets across a large indoor environment is a daunting task indeed. An RTLS facilitates smoother operations within seconds. From streamlining processes, improving on-the-job safety & efficiency, and minimizing inventory losses, an RTLS holds the key. It allows companies to track things and people while gathering vital business intelligence about these assets and the surrounding environment.

Here are a few reasons why you should invest in a state-of-the-art RTLS.

  • Monitor the real-time location of objects and people
  • Have complete visibility over inbound and outbound logistics and ensure more efficient usage of storage areas and equipment, and faster processing speed and execution
  • Track items and personnel closely and gain access to actionable information required for driving efficiencies like reducing inventory cycle time, etc.
  • Improve return on investment by expediting tasks and transactions, enabling accurate forecasting and improving asset value while reducing the payment cycles
  • Improve safety and security of assets by enabling low latency alarms and automated response in the event of any aberrations
  • Increase production velocity by minimizing the need for equipment relocation by storing them closer to the point of use
  • Quickly capture events, filter, and map disparate data to gather crucial intelligence and make proactive business decisions
  • Reduce search time of misplaced objects by having access to the exact location of the assets, thereby eliminating time-consuming manual searches and audits
  • Get quick alerts if any equipment leaves a defined area
  • Enhance logistics operations by using RTLS tags to verify shipment authorization
  • Automate inventory control, pick and storing location, shipping verification, and data entry tasks to enable faster time-to-delivery and enhanced customer service
  • Realize more value from your IT infrastructure by integrating RTLS’ location data into existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems


In Conclusion

Whether optimizing manufacturing processes, providing side-wide asset traceability, or tracking shipments through a supply chain, RTLS provides actionable and constant value to an organization’s operations. Many industries are rapidly implementing this unique and innovative technology globally to minimize production slowdowns, provide workers and equipment with added safety features while identifying areas of improvement. It gives businesses a competitive edge by precisely tracking, locating, and managing critical assets across the value chain. It is your one-stop solution to increase business productivity.


The Amantya Factor

Among our best-in-line customized IoT solutions using cutting-edge emerging technologies is Amantya’s RTLS Wi.  It can transform your business into a highly efficient, productive, cost-effective, and streamlined operation by helping you access accurate and actionable data. A multi-purpose and versatile solution designed to track assets and personnel indoors or in an open area, Wi enables you to monitor all your assets virtually – just one tap on your phone, tablet, or desktop, and you got eyes! Our 100% Wire-Free RTLS uses next-gen BLE trackers, a mesh node network, Bluetooth-enabled smart IoT gateway, and a cloud-based server to provide advanced location analytics with little or no downtime. It uses the existing infrastructure and helps eliminate labor & infrastructure-intensive wired RFID solutions that are not practical or affordable for enterprise-wide adoption. Primarily used for tracking people and high-value assets in verticals such as healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and warehouse & logistics, Amantya’s Wi gives you a visual map of the movement of assets and people in real-time resulting in reduced equipment inventory, improved workflows, and better workforce optimization and safety.


Want to know more about Amantya’s Wi? Get in touch. We will help you leverage indoor RTLS to gain real-time business intelligence that can transform your enterprise.