Why migrate from Xamarin to MAUI?

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Why migrate from Xamarin to MAUI?

Why migrate from Xamarin to MAUI?

  • MAUI is easier to use as it’s simple to understand and doesn’t require much effort to learn how to use
  • MAUI runs faster than Xamarin, which takes a lot of time to build and run the app
  • MAUI is more secure as it restricts the usage of some APIs, making it safer for users and securing app data
  • MAUI offers more features like Chat, Video Calling, Live Map, etc., which help create apps that are more interactive and engaging
  • MAUI offers better performance as it is more lightweight, enabling superior output in terms of memory and CPU usage
  • MAUI helps in building native UI by creating the same look and feel of the app by using the same platform-specific code.
  • MAUI allows code-sharing across other platforms, including iOS, Android, and Web Applications

So, who will benefit from .NET MAUI?

.NET MAUI is ideal for developers who want to:

  • Write cross-platform apps in C# and XAML from a single shared codebase
  • Share code, tests, and business logic across platforms
  • Share UI layout and design across platforms

How does .NET MAUI work?

.NET MAUI unifies iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS into a single API that allows a ‘write-once & run-anywhere' developer experience. Additionally, it provides deep access to every aspect of each native platform, offering the full capability of each device to the MAUI developers

.NET MAUI provides a single framework for building the UIs for mobile and desktop apps. The below chart gives a broad view of a .NET MAUI app’s architecture:


When Xamarin first provided the framework and support for coding native apps on Android and iOS with one unified codebase, it was game-changing. Now, .NET MAUI is set to peak that experience and revolutionize the way cross-platform applications are developed. MAUI is the future. It is the way to go for building cross-platform apps as you get more functionality and support, making it easier to create apps with a native look and feel.

Moving applications from Xamarin to .NET MAUI does not require developers to rewrite the entire codebase or reinvent the wheel. However, the developer has to make a few code changes.

Want to migrate your existing Xamarin apps to .NET MAUI? We can help. Connect with us at connect@amantyatech.com