What is 5G? Benefits of 5G Network

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What is 5G? Benefits of 5G Network

5G has started evolving across the globe, yet we are just at the beginning of this extraordinary innovation which will hugely impact our future to come. However, the very first question that comes is what 5G is, what it means in the present world, and how this transformative technology will make our future look like. So, before we dive into the 5G technology benefits, let us have a brief look at the answers to all these stated questions.

What is 5G?

5G is the Fifth-Generation mobile technology followed after standard networks such as 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G networks. Unlike the 1G and 2G networks, you’ll be getting high-peak data speed on 5G, expected reliability, ultra-low latency, and seamless user experience. 5G empowers virtual connectivity of anything and everything together including machines, gadgets, and various objects. 5G network is not limited just to convey quicker, better versatile broadband services like 4G LTE, but can open up to a lot of use cases and support further technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT).

How 5G Differs from Previous Mobile Network Generations?

  1G 2G 3G 4G LTE 5G
Introduction Introduced in 1980s Released in Early 1990s Evolved in Early 2000s 4th Generation mobile network introduced in 2010s Released in Year 2019
Capabilities  Delivered Analog Voice Came up with Digital Voice like CDMA



Limited Roaming


MMS & SMS facility

Mobile Broadband (CDMA2000)



Multimedia Streaming


Locating Services

Came up under the era of mobile broadband



HD multimedia streaming


High-speed Internet


IP-Based Packet Switching

IoT Ready



Ultra-High Reliability




MM Wave Support


Machine type communication

Industry Impact No huge impact on industrial sectors Text messages to and from the remote machines



Easy Remote Control

Video Monitoring


Remote access to various machines like teleservices



Smartphone Services



Mobile services technicians


Wireless Backhaul

Wireless Backhaul



Edge Computing


Autonomous Logistics


Autonomous Machines


With fast speed, low latency, and reliability, 5G will extend the portable environment into new domains. 5G will benefit each industry, making transportation safe, remote healthcare services, precise farming, digitized retail, and more a reality.

Benefits of 5G Network

Much Faster Speed

Obviously, 5G is much faster in speed as compared to any of the other networks. Where 4G offers a speed of 32mbps, 5G is the only network to offer an average speed of more than 130mbps with the gradual increase in speed with network maturity. This means connectivity would be much faster than it seems.

Increased Capacity on Network

Giving a community a powerful 5G network comes with distinct advantages. For instance, every public place where enormous gatherings of individuals take place and utilize their telephones, for example, celebrations, shows, and games. Such a huge place with a vast group of people puts pressure on the available network. However, with 5G, greater connectivity can be offered, along with low latency and extended access to whoever needs it.

Low Response Times/Latency

Obviously, 5G is known for its faster speed offering but 5G benefits are beyond just browsing the Internet and downloading videos or games faster. The biggest factor for relying on 5G is its low latency. Commercial apps are quite huge and require a network capable of responding to request with good speed.

The low latency and speed of 5G together can transform every industry virtually – be it manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and more. Moreover, if we talk about 4G, the latency offered is around 35-50 milliseconds, while on 5G, latency would be less than 30 seconds making your network faster than 4G cellular service.

Improved Reliability and Flexibility

As discussed above, the greater capacity of the 5G network makes it more reliable and productive as compared to every previous mobile network generation. No connectivity hassle, no calls dropped is the new network era with 5G services, especially when it comes to use cases like healthcare and connected cars.

5G Use Cases

Connected Vehicles

With 5G comes an uncommon speed and easy connectivity — the innovation required to establish independent, or self-driving, vehicles a dream come reality. 5G network possess everything it requires for a faster communication, data processing among various networks, vehicles, and even people on foot.

Considerably, 5G will not only be capable of offering faster rollout in terms of connected vehicles, but will facilitate every industry making life smarter, easier, and automated.

Smart Cities

Intelligent cameras are invaluable tools for smart cities. 24/7 non-stop monitoring and analysis ensure robust security and boost management efficiency. 5G will increase the rate of city surveillance. A more diverse range of real-time images will be generated boasting higher definition. Smart city management on the cloud is all set to become more intelligent than ever.

Massive IoT

5G is intended to create a seamless connection among countless implanted sensors in everything through the capacity to reduce information rates, force, and mobility—offering amazingly lean, cost-efficient, and easily available 5G solutions.

Real-time Supply Chain Monitoring

Monitoring supply chains from manufacturing to delivery can be costly, difficult, and resource-intensive. Supply chains need to meet the demands of unpredictable environmental factors and regulatory factors. 5G can shine a new light on supply chain management by improving visibility in supply chains and preventing inventory sinks. The low latency and faster throughput of 5G may enable improved product tracking. 5G could provide more accurate product location using near-real-time data. Moreover, enabling a low-lag supply chain from manufacturing to delivery could help increase agility and responsiveness to demand trends.


Medical facilities such as robotic surgeries are developing quite fast. Also, when it comes to patient monitoring, accessing patient records, virtual healthcare is growing rapidly as well.

5G will transform the healthcare industry opening a wide range of opportunities for other business verticals such as telecoms, pharmaceutical companies, government healthcare organizations, and more.


Every manufacturing company around the globe is facing the pressure of faster product deliveries and at very low costs. Due to this, many companies are getting drained in terms of skills and some of them are finding the products complex too.

Here, 5G technology can assist in building smart factories that will cut the cost and make the whole manufacturing procedure easy.  Also, 5G enabled Augmented reality will open new opportunities to worldwide manufacturers with remote maintenance and other digital solutions. Isn’t it great!!

What 5G Services Amantya Technologies Has to Offer?

5G services are very crucial to the carriers in every business vertical. But with the increase in consumer needs and expectations, delivering the 5G experience by carriers to their consumers can be quite hectic without the right 5G services.

We at Amantya Technologies, promise a wide range of 5G services including everything from IoT, smart cities, industrial IoT, connected vehicles, and much more. Amantya technologies possess years of expertise and skilled professionals to enable the transformation journey of customer’s enterprises via 5G next-gen technology, IoT, AI, ML, and more. Our capabilities offer the customers to run their business efficiently and increase growth in the market through industry domains – Wireless connectivity, Automotive, Digital services, and more.

We, as the explorers in 5G transformation, provide numerous engineering solutions to simplify the way people communicate with technology and others around the world.


We’ve just started to experience the advantages of 5G technology, with early buildouts and use cases simply being dispatched. 5G’s exceptional speed, more prominent connectivity and practically limitless network will allow buyers to appreciate a more brilliant, more associated world with, in addition to other things, better mobility, more secure roads, and improved entertainment.

Hailed as the upcoming tech transformation, 5G guarantees benefits to various verticals that will connect with every human experience, from safety, security to entertainment, and much more.

Looking for such offerings and solutions to reinvent your consumer’s experience and offer a seamless experience? Let the skilled professionals of Amantya Technologies do it for you. Feel free to reach out to us here or on LinkedIn.