What Gives Private 5G Networks an Edge over Wi-Fi & LTE Networks in Industry 4.0?

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What Gives Private 5G Networks an Edge over Wi-Fi & LTE Networks in Industry 4.0?

Private mobile networks are not a new phenomenon. The concept began with Wi-Fi and 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) technologies. But now, with the onset of Industry 4.0, where automation is the key to achieving greater operational excellence and flexibility at lower costs, the playing field is moving to an altogether different level.

Enter Private 5G networks. Heralding new capabilities and opportunities for private industrial networks and enabling new, innovative use cases that will bring greater value to enterprises across different industries such as manufacturing, automotive, logistics mining, etc.

Private 5G Networks for Industry 4.0

Enterprise 5G is the next generation of mobile networks that offer compelling benefits to manufacturers because 5G-powered technologies are the foundation of Industry 4.0. With private 5G, advanced technologies like connected cars, automated guided vehicles (AGVs), swarm intelligence, augmented reality, digital twins, drones, predictive maintenance, etc., can be implemented in smart factory environments. These are limited currently due to latency (LTE) and reliability (Wi-Fi) issues. 

Private 5G is rapidly emerging as the natural successor to the wireless enterprise as the current 4G wireless and Wi-Fi technologies do not support the speed, reliability, and communication density required for Industry 4.0. Dedicated and reliable wireless connectivity is a pivotal enabler for enterprises to branch operations, supply chain & manufacturing facilities and supports a remote workforce. It enhances information access, flexibility, collaboration, and also cost-effectiveness. Private 5G networks, with robust and reliable wireless connectivity as a fundamental offering, are emerging as a powerful game-changer. 

Why Private 5G over LTE or Wi-Fi?

5G provides the next generation of private wireless networks that support automation, safety, security, and new levels of efficiency, quality & productivity to make the connected world a reality. Here are some ways private 5G will unlock far more value than the existing private networks.

5G has a marked performance advantage over LTE and Wi-Fi in industrial systems. All advances in Industry 4.0 rely on connectivity. Industrial connectivity largely depends on either Wi-Fi in an unlicensed spectrum or fixed cables that are expensive, limited to stationary assets, and highly challenging to scale to the large number of devices required for industry 4.0 use cases. Private 5G can overcome all these barriers to provide highly reliable and ultra-fast networks that industrial manufacturers exclusively control. 

Wi-Fi offers relatively lower reliability because of frequent signal interruptions and is not suitable for mobility/WAN use cases like drones. Furthermore, the latency is too high and unpredictable to support mission-critical workloads that demand ultra-low latency and high reliability. 4G LTE does support mobility but is not suitable for workloads that require low latency. Also, it only supports a maximum of 10,000 devices per square kilometer. On the other hand, private 5G brings with it the characteristics and features of 5G – sub-millisecond latency when managed privately with 99.9999% reliability, connecting up to a million devices, allowing enterprises to connect every person, sensor, and device on-premise.

Moreover, private 5G brings the three new 5G ‘standard’ services that deliver specialized support for demanding industrial applications. These are - mMTC (Massive Machine-Types Communications); URLLC (Ultra-Reliable, Low-Latency Communications); eMBB (Enhanced Mobile Broadband). Also, the redesigned 5G radio interface allows multiple service types with different characteristics to co-exist on the same radio channel. At the system level, capabilities like network slicing, improved security, edge deployment, application programming interface (API) exposure, new authentication methods, etc., enable it to meet the requirements of high-performance industrial applications more effectively than other wireless technologies.


Private 5G networks offer exciting opportunities and capabilities for industrial stakeholders and their entire ecosystem. They build the foundation for more effective industrial operations in the future through IoT and AI/ML applications. Private 5G networks are undoubtedly the force behind Industry 4.0

Amantya’s Astra5G for Industry 4.0

At Amantya, we are passionate about 5G. The first of its kind technology designed specifically with industry in mind. A technology poised to significantly improve most industrial use cases while unlocking countless more. To be active participants in this transformative change, we have launched a state-of-the-art commercial 5G SA private wireless solution – Astra5G. Powered by the technology that will be the base for all industrial innovations, Astra5G is a high-performance, end-to-end private wireless solution designed to meet the emerging needs of industry 4.0 enterprises exploring new-age 5G and IoT use cases.

Comprising an FR1 Radio Access Network, 5G SA Core, and a high-performance User Plane Function, Amantya’s Enterprise 5G solution delivers high speed, reliability, and security, improving the enterprise’s productivity, connectivity, and operational flexibility.

Want to know more about Astra5G and how Amantya can help you ride the wave of Industry 4.0? Write to us at connect@amantyatech.com