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What we Offer?

Amantya offers a wide range of IoT services to help organizations harness the right IoT technology stack to enhance operational efficiencies, quality, and end-user experience and reduce the cost of operations.

With our industry-specific knowledge and IoT domain expertise across Firmware Development, Mobility, System Integration, Cloud Computing, and Data Analytics, we help transform your business.

New Product Development

We have extensive experience developing customized embedded, cloud computing, and mobility IoT solutions. We provide a full stack of services and capabilities for the design, development, and implementation of connected products and solutions

  •   Easy streamlining towards the ready solution
  •   Offer the right platform for the product development lifecycle
  •   Enhance business value
Hardware Design

Our capabilities in this domain span product architecture, hardware design, schematics, and thermal & mechanical design - from an idea to a prototype, design, firmware development, order fulfillment, and quality control.

  •   End-to-end development of innovative connected IoT applications
  •   Handle integration challenges with the existing technology stack
  •   Achieve seamless product performance
System Integration

We help organizations realize the true value of IoT by augmenting existing solutions or creating new ones. We leverage systems, modules, and communications to integrate IoT solutions with the core applications that run your business - in the cloud or on-premise.

  •   Build smart solutions
  •   Improve system performance with seamless integration
  •   Help heterogeneous components communicate better
  •   Build operational efficiencies and reduce costs
Verticalized Applications

Our verticalized IoT applications allow you to explore your devices’ data and manage it on the go with native mobile and web applications for niche applications like smart cities, intelligent buildings, smart homes, etc.

  •   Strong integration of hardware and software for better performance
  •   Harness the power of connected devices
  •   Effortless handling of integration challenges
  •   Empower businesses with next-gen IoT products

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