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Service providers must scale the Evolved Packet Core (EPC) to meet the ever-evolving subscriber demands for faster speeds and higher throughput. Amantya’s Evolved Packet Core testing solution, supported by a robust test automation framework, revolutionizes how 4G network performance is validated and optimized. It is the go-to for EPC testing, offering efficient and reliable scalability to determine capacity limits. With stateful per UE emulation, we enable granular configuration for unique subscriber flows, swiftly identifying and isolating pain points.

End-to-End Packet Core Emulation

Amantya’s EPC emulator offers an advanced yet easy-to-use, low-cost alternative to replace real EPC elements in a test network. It also supports UE simulation and facilitates comprehensive testing of the entire LTE Packet Core or specific Core Network components like MME, SGW, or PGW. The emulator offers enhanced control for simulating real-world conditions within lab settings, serving as a valuable tool for assessing the functionality, scalability, and performance of the LTE Core Network before deployment. 

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Key Features

  • Emulates multiple EPC nodes using a single system.

  • Includes the MME, SGW, PDN-GW, HSS/AAA, PCRF, MBMS-GW, MCE, ANDSF, and ePDG, enabling full Evolved Packet Core simulation.

  • Simulates network-initiated procedures such as Paging, Bearer Establishment, SMS delivery, CMAS broadcasts, etc.

  • User-friendly GUI facilitating seamless configuration, control, and analysis of network elements.

  • Integrated with IMS to enable VoLTE testing.

  • Scripting interface for test automation.

Testing Scope

EPC Nodes and Network elements Testing
4G Packet Core (EPC) Testing
Performance tests for MME, SGW, PGW
Policy and Charging Control Testing
Development Testing
Feature Validation
Product Validation
MAP Testing
LTE Testing
VoLTE Testing
CIoT Testing
DPI Testing
Diameter, MAP, and GTP traffic analysis
Diameter Testing/ Diameter Routing Testing

Why Amantya’s EPC Testing Solution?

Seamlessly integrates into existing CI/CD pipelines, providing hassle-free deployment and operation.

From functional validation to performance optimization, the testing scope covers all aspects of EPC/4G Core testing, ensuring thorough evaluation and reliability.

Test execution is fully automated using RESTful APIs to automate repetitive tasks, significantly reducing testing time and effort.

Log subscriber actions continuously and capture real-time events.

Expedites the launch of new services and updates, giving a competitive edge in the market.

Minimizes manual intervention and optimizes resource utilization to reduce operational costs while maximizing ROI.

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