Consumer IoT Vs Industrial IoT – What Are the Differences?

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Consumer IoT Vs Industrial IoT – What Are the Differences?

Unbelievably, Internet of Things is buckling up the way the globe is functioning. You’ll find IoT technology in every business vertical – be it manufacturing, mobility, healthcare, utilities, or logistics. Generally, depending upon the vast usage and wide range of IoT technology benefits, it can be categorized into two broad categories – Consumer IoT and Industrial IoT.

But what exactly distinguishes the both comes as one question. So, let us share with you some distinctions to help you understand the extremities between consumer and Industrial IoT.

View on Consumer IoT

Consumer IoT is all about connected devices, built for meeting consumer smart requirements through smart devices. The concept behind IoT is having a functional asset focused on creating a consumer-friendly environment with day-to-day assistance. Consumer IoT is specifically designated for individual needs, for smart offices, and smart homes like pet trackers, asset tracking systems, and more. Such devices used with solutions like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth makes the tracking process easy within a specific range.

For example, Amantya’s pet tracker uses cellular or GPS technology that can help you track your pet within a specific range. Also, you will get alerts and notifications on your mobile if your pet gets off the range limits.

Brief About Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT is meant to handle distinct equipment and machinery depending on the business verticals. The solutions are built with sensors and wireless network connectivity for reliable data sharing. IIoT has begun gaining attention for the potential it proffers to the industries on holding the data, remote monitoring capabilities, and optimizing work processes. Some of its use cases include logistics, manufacturing, supply chains, etc.

In the next few years, every industry would fall under Internet of Things technology ensuring the aim to meeting customer requirements. Moreover, industries will have more robotics and automated machines that will be involved from production procedures to quality assurance and maintenance.

Although the objective would be the same for every industry, the usages, applications, and procedures might differ in every vertical depending on industry requirements.

Major Differences Between Consumer IoT and IIoT

Having many similarities, there are numerous differences between Consumer IoT and IIoT workings – like varied with consumer demands and complex industry environments.

Talking about Consumer IoT, the network addresses the consumer devices via limited arrangements for a lifetime. The devices are locally located and easy to access. Whereas the Industrial Internet of Things network needs to connect numerous resources, involving monitoring remote infrastructure that is complex to access physically. To provide the best communication support, configuring the network with both cellular and IoT- specific technologies such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are a must.

Cyber-security is a challenge faced with almost every network and smart device. For consumer IoT, smart home installation hacking, attacking a home’s live video feeds can be a thing but network intrusion would be nearby itself. Further, it would require a minimal and simple control mechanism for consumer gadgets. In the case of Industrial IoT, gadgets tasked with sensors to complex infrastructures would require technologies with best cybersecurity practices as compared to consumer IoT.

Amantya’s IoT Capabilities

Our IoT services include world-class design and engineering services that help clients conceptualize use-case scenarios, build key components of end-to-end IoT solutions and provide post-deployment product and services support. Amantya ensures you have the right resources required to turn your dreams into a reality. With vast experience, drive and skill, we offer an array of products and services to bring IoT into your business and products without any hassle.

Our IoT capabilities range from product ideation to commercial launch. Irrespective of business type, we got you covered for all your IoT requirements.


From making products smarter to keeping your products safer, IoT is playing a key role in today’s world. From smart cities to smart buildings, IoT is transforming industries at a never-before pace. Be it creating new business models, entering the new markets, or providing differentiated customer experiences, organizations are betting big on IoT. Although both Industrial IoT and Consumer IoT are responsible for connecting devices over the internet, the usage and impact differ in both aspects.

At Amantya Technologies, we help organizations by accelerating the time-to-market of their product with end-to-end services right from product ideation to launch. Our range of IPs includes Bluetooth tracker, 3G/4G Tracker, Indoor real-time tracker, IoT gateway, NB-IoT tracker, etc. that caters to multiple use cases.

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