Elevate 4G/5G Core Network Testing with Amantya’s UE + RAN Simulator, AutoCORE

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As 4G/5G deployments pick up pace and networks become more complex, it has become crucial for the telco players to replace the conventional core network testing methods with advanced testing processes that support Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) and ensure error-free deployments. That, too, while managing tight budgets, resources, and timelines.


Amantya's AutoCORE is an automated RAN plus 5G UE simulator designed for end-to-end testing and validation of a 4G/5G core network's functionalities before deployment. The advanced tool offers a combined UE and 4G/5G RAN environment alongside a test automation framework to streamline the testing process. It evaluates the readiness of various core network functions at the design and pre-launch stages, accelerating the core testing lifecycle and equipping telecom operators worldwide to keep up with the fast pace of 4G/5G services and software rollouts and enhance customer experiences.


Supports Data Plane and VoNR/VoLTE testing
Provides customized configuration per RAN
Integrates seamlessly into existing CI/CD pipelines
Supports RESTful APIs for test automation
Complete Control Plane and User Plane testing under 3GP Release 16
Supports Slicing and Interworking (N26) with 4G
Accelerates software release cycles of 4G/5G core networks and VoLTE/VoNR
Private 5G Network

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Key Features


Hardware Agnostic

Runs on a wide range of hardware, from COTS options to high-performance equipment.


Data Reporting and Export

Offers various data export options for further analysis and insights.


System Configuration

Highly configurable, demanding network simulations with up to 200K UEs and 10K gNodeBs.


API Integration

HTTP/REST API enables seamless integration with automated test systems.


User-Friendly Interface

Web-based user interface (UI) designed for easy use and precise data analysis.


Automated Testing Capabilities

Support for test automation with low manual intervention.


Automated Result Generation

Automated result collection, reporting generation, and export.


Cost Effective Licensing

Scalable pricing models tailored to different customer needs.


Flexible Deployment Options

Flexibility in deployment options (cloud-based or on-prem).

Mobile Country Code (MCC)

Mobile Network Code (MNC)

RAN Type

IP Address N1 Interface

IP Address gNB/eNB

Primary DNS Address

Secondary DNS Address

MAC Address Public Gateway

GTP Tunnel IP Address and Port

GTP Tunnel gNB IP Address

Integrity Algorithm

IP Address to assign UEs on LAN

Network Slice

3GPP Rel.16 for 5G SA Core

10K gNodeB

200K User Equipment

4Gbps per Data Plane

50 Data Planes

N1/N2 Signalling

TCP/UDP/ICMP Data Profiles

Private 5G Network

Why Amantya’s AutoCORE?  

Allows comprehensive automated test execution and analysis within a single platform and generates detailed reports on test results.

Easily integrates with existing customer automation systems, CI/CD pipelines, or general automation frameworks, requiring no additional infrastructure.

Mimics a large number of UEs and gNodeBs, providing various network load conditions and running tests at scale, making it easier to test a wide range of scenarios and configurations.

Identifies and resolves potential issues before network deployment, minimizing downtime and ensuring a smooth transition to 4G/5G.

Eliminates the need for a large number of physical UEs and gNodeBs and reduces the manual effort required for test execution.

Enables quicker development cycles and faster deployment of 4G/5G Core networks and minimizes discrepancies during 5G SA Core rollout, leading to faster time to market.

Automation streamlines the testing process, allowing for rapid execution of test cases. Test scenarios can also be easily repeated and modified, improving testing efficiency.

As 5G networks evolve, AutoCORE can adapt to new specifications and features, providing a future-proof testing environment.

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