7 Private 5G Use Cases That are Unlocking the Potential of 5G

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7 Private 5G Use Cases That are Unlocking the Potential of 5G

Private 5G is on the rise. It will create unprecedented and endless opportunities for enterprises to generate and deliver new services and experiences to their customers.

Characterized by enhanced control and flexibility, customized security and privacy, low latency, improved Quality of Service, and an ability to leverage network slicing, private 5G is poised to help enterprises leapfrog their digital transformation.

According to a KPMG study, the next seven years will see approximately £ 3.35 trillion being unlocked through use cases in domains across government, consumer goods, healthcare, manufacturing, finance, technology, media, and telecom industries.

Listed below are 7 early private 5G use cases already proving their mettle. However, the buck doesn’t stop with them.

Manufacturing – Industry 4.0

According to a 2020 report from Bloor Research, 5G, along with Edge Computing and IoT, is predicted to be a key enabler of Industry 4.0.

Another research by S L Partners talks about the “unique benefits of 5G” and how its potential to facilitate new use cases and innovations could unlock a whopping $740 billion in the manufacturing industry alone by 2030.

5G will transform the manufacturing industry in two key ways – improving industry access to connectivity and enabling new use cases and applications.

At the heart of the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry is connectivity, and 5G will make a tangible difference in productivity and efficiency with its ability to:

  • Connect many more devices and capture more data
  • Ensure connections are ultra-reliable and secure to prevent data loss
  • Reduce latency to ultra-low levels to enable real-time data capturing

These will also allow manufacturers who have been slow to progress in their digitization journey to leapfrog to Industry 4.0.

5G also opens up opportunities across a range of applications, and its unique capabilities will unlock new use cases and applications that never existed before, or at least not to the same degree.

An area where private 5G is poised to play a key role is in improving the density and performance of autonomous vehicles, robotics, and other automation technologies in the manufacturing domain.


Among the highest use cases for private 5G networks, healthcare has among the highest device population densities. By harvesting generated data and combining it with AI, there is practically a limitless potential to improve healthcare. According to an Ericsson study, healthcare, and within that telemedics, is the largest addressable private 5G market across the sectors analyzed. Furthermore, the Covid-19 pandemic has catalyzed the healthcare sector to harness the value of 5G-enabled networks to cope with the pandemic in the most optimal manner, with minimal contact.

Smart facilities

5G will enable large venues like malls, stadiums, etc., to explore various private 5G use cases around smart facilities that combine AI and IoT in newer ways. Sporting events and experiences are pegged as some of the top 5G users in the coming years. Smart airports are taking the lead among the transport domain in adopting private 5G. Currently, most airports do not have robust Wi-Fi networks or public mobile networks, and typically combine them as a shared platform across passengers and operations applications. Private 5G networks minimize the dependence on third-party wireless service providers, allowing airports to design and deploy the infrastructure that best suits their digital transformation roadmap.


Logistics is another high potential use case for private 5G, specifically for tracking, sorting, and monitoring packages, and shipments integrated with inventory systems. 5G will help in improving the throughput of these facilities without increasing the manpower, thus saving both costs and time.

Oil and gas

Oil and gas facilities are all set to be among the early adopters of private 5G networks. The primary reason being that many of their facilities are located outside the range of commercial networks. Private 5G networks will enable them to automate, monitor, and centralize much of their critical maintenance and engineering operations. Also, access to real-time data will help them streamline operational resources and bring down costs, while also improving safety.

Campus networks

5G campus networks are one of the major areas of investment for telecommunication companies. However, to start with, these deployments are only going to make sense for larger enterprises, as there will also be associated expenditure on applications, a complete stack of sensors, hardware, and software. and will take some time for the economies to scale down for the smaller setups.

Upgrading by current 4G users

5G is currently in its nascent stages and will take a few years to reach mainstream adoption. However, enterprises that have already deployed private 4G networks are likely to explore 5G, and those using 4G networks for their last-mile backups are likely to shift to 5G. Of course, the next few years will see 4G and 5G networks being used simultaneously.

Additionally, private 5G networks enable entirely new types of service opportunities to the service providers. Services that combine domain expertise systems integration, networking, and physical infrastructure, allowing them to offer more domain-specific expertise vis-a-vis traditional telco.

Accelerating the Transformation: Amantya Technologies

Amantya has proven experience in helping operators, OEMs & service providers by enabling 5G simulation, network test automation, and simplifying the 5G network deployment and operations. We help our clients accelerate their 5G journey by offering end-to-end services that span across Access NetworksCloud-native 4G/5G Integrated Core. Here’s a glimpse of what we offer:

  • A scalable standards-compliant cloud-native multi-technology 5G Core (5G SA Core) that can be easily deployed on private, public, or hybrid cloud
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  • A bespoke approach to private networking, ensuring that only best-fit vendor equipment is used to meet our client’s brief for a secure, robust, resilient, and reliable private network experience


5G will redefine everything we know about technology. It will reinvent how a business is run, ushering in an era where enterprises will build their businesses for a connected and data-driven future. Are you ready to build Your Network on Your Rules?

Keen to know more? Get in touch. Our team would be happy to help you leapfrog your transition to 5G.