5G Lab

End-to-end Solution for R&D, Testing, and Use Case Development

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5G Lab

Amantya’s end-to-end Lab Offering

Amantya's cutting-edge 5G Lab features an in-house 5G Standalone Core Network and Radio Access Network, offering comprehensive product testing and use case development. It's a validation hub for tech providers, ensuring solutions align with 3GPP standards, while also enabling seamless interoperability testing. This accelerates innovation and serves as a research hub for 5G exploration.

Lab Infrastructure

  • Multiple deployment options (5G Network in a Box, Integrated RAN + Core)
  • Multiple Radio/NIAB SKUs with support up to 400 Mbps throughput.

Lab Use Cases

  • 5G training for research and development
  • 5G Lab for Network Testing, Device Testing, Interoperability testing, etc
  • Rapid App Development and use case prototyping


  • Voice Over New Radio (VoNR) Support
  • Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) Support
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Platform
  • IT/OT Software for Management & Support

5G Lab Deployment Scenarios

Amantya's commitment to versatility is reflected in our 5G Lab deployment models:

Scenario 1 – 5G Network in a Box

  • Pre-Integrated 5G RAN & Core in a “Single Box”
  • Plug and Play deployment for quick deployable 5G Network
  • Self-contained portable design
5G Lab

Scenario 2 – Integrated RAN + Core

  • Integrated 5G RAN (All in One) + 5G Core
  • Scalable as multiple RANs can be connected to the 5G Core
  • Enhanced capacity with flexible deployment
5G Lab

5G Lab Architecture

Architecture diagram showcasing the components and their interconnectivity within the 5G Lab setup:

5G Lab

Other 5G Subsystems

Discover the suite of 5G Lab components that ignite innovation:


Mobile devices with the necessary hardware and software to connect to 5G networks

Evaluation Board

Multi-utility prototyping Board that enables modem functionality over 5G equipment.


To provide wireless access with 5G as Backhaul

5G Dongle

To allow a device to connect to a 5G cellular network for internet access

5G Camera

To transmit high-resolution photos and videos quickly and efficiently over a 5G network


To enable users experience augmented reality and virtual reality content over a 5G network. AR/VR Controller for education, training, etc


Packed with advanced features and powered by 5G connectivity, this compact drone opens up a world of possibilities

IoT Kit

To collect and send data from various sources for IoT applications

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IT Software – Management Dashboard

Software platform for overseeing and controlling various aspects of the 5G lab infrastructure, such as network management and resource allocation.

Network Map
Subscriber Management
Traffic Analyser
Operation Modes
RAN/Core Settings
Log Management
Netconf & Restful APIs

OT Software – Helpdesk

Operational Technology software that assists in troubleshooting and resolving technical issues related to the 5G lab setup

Ticket Management
SLA Management
Reporting and Analytics
Dedicated Support

5G Lab Features

Amantya's 5G Lab Offering is designed with innovation in mind, empowering organizations and institutions to explore new horizons.

IoT Platform
Management Dashboard

Key Differentiators

  • One Stop Solution: All-inclusive RAN, Core, and other components required to set up a comprehensive 5G lab.

  • Flexible Solution: Adaptable solution having multiple deployment scenarios.

  • Proven Experience: Demonstrated success in setting up 5G labs.

  • Pioneers: First to develop Indigenous 5G Network in a Box and 5G SA Core.

  • End to End Offering: From infrastructure to advanced features, a full spectrum 5G offering for labs.

Use Cases

College and Universities
  • Enhances curriculum by providing hands-on exposure to 5G technology and applications.
  • Facilitates collaboration between students, faculty, and industry professionals.
  • Exploring new use cases and applications like IoT, AR VR, AI, Telemedicine.
  • Facilitates research in areas such as network optimization, spectrum management, security, and protocol development for 5G networks.
Device OEM's
  • Offers a controlled environment to assess device performance under different network scenarios and frequencies.
  • Enables OEMs to fine-tune their devices to deliver optimal performance in real-world applications.
  • Allows OEMs to experiment with antenna designs and radio frequency configurations to enhance signal reception and transmission quality.
  • Collaborates with other OEMs to address specific device challenges and requirements, offering expert insights into 5G technology and deployment.
  • Test and validate smooth migration and compatibility from 4G to 5G.
  • Research and develop new 5G features, architectures, and services.
  • Prototype and innovate new products, services, and use cases.
  • Optimize network performance through testing and monitoring.
  • Enhance standardization efforts and strategies.
Internet Service Providers
  • Test and optimize network infrastructure, devices, and services before deployment.
  • Fosters collaboration between ISPs and partners to develop innovative solutions and services.
  • Experiment with new services and applications, such as AR, VR, smart cities, and remote healthcare.
  • Enables ISPs to assess and address security vulnerabilities in 5G networks.
  • Benchmark network performance against competitors and industry standards.

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